Intro to Parallel Programming Promotion Results

Parallel-ProgrammingCongrats to all of our Top Scorers in our Intro to Parallel Programming promotion that was sponsored by NVIDIA. Students in this course performed exceptionally well, and their programs ran 5-10 times faster than the reference solutions that were written for the class. Great job!

Not only was it exciting to see the achievements of the participants in the contest but it was also great to see the community of global Udacians come together and share different GPU optimization techniques.  Students that participated had varying levels of experience in parallel programming ranging from college students to researchers and software engineers and all pulled together to help each other out!

Students who participated all had different motivations for taking the course and all accepted the challenges that the course presented. Some of the things that students enjoyed the most about the course were: “clear presentation of the material by people who are obvious experts in the subject” and “a solid understanding of the issues and intricacies of GPU computing”.

If you’re interested in GPU programming and want to learn from experts in the field, such as John Owens and David Luebke, enroll in the course. In this class you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with others and see how you can utilize techniques taught in the class to optimize your GPU programs.  We encourage anyone who is interested to enroll in the course and challenge yourself and others by sharing GPU programming techniques. You will learn new skills and probably make some great friends as well.