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Introduction to Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure

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About this course

Gain a high-level introduction to the field of machine learning and prepare to use Azure Machine Learning Studio to train machine learning models. Plus, learn how to perform a variety of tasks on Azure Machine Learning labs — from data import, transformation and management to training, validating and evaluating models.

Access to the Azure Machine Learning Labs will close after a predetermined number of students have completed the course.

What you will learn

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Gain a high-level introduction to the field of machine learning and train your first machine learning model using Azure Machine Learning Studio
  2. Model Training
    • Learn how to prepare data and then transform it into trained machine learning models and get an introduction to ensemble learning and automated machine learning
  3. Supervised & Unsupervised Learning
    • Dive into two of Machine Learning's fundamental approaches: supervised and unsupervised learning and learn about classification, regression, clustering, representation learning, and more
  4. Applications of Machine Learning
    • This lesson looks at some of the most important applications of ML, including deep learning, similarity learning, text classification, feature learning, and anomaly detection
  5. Managed Services for Machine Learning
    • Learn how to enhance your ML processes with managed services and discuss computing resources, the modeling process, automation via pipelines, and more
  6. Responsible AI
    • This lesson will tackle some of the potential implications and challenges posed by ML and AI—as well as principles for building responsible AI that avoids harming others

Prerequisites and requirements

The Introduction to Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure course is intended for learners who have prior programming knowledge in any language, preferably Python, and are comfortable writing scripts. Having a knowledge of basic statistics will also help with deploying the Machine Learning models in this course.

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why take this course?

As more and more services move to the cloud, the need for machine learning expertise in cloud infrastructure increases. In fact, nearly 90% of companies rely on cloud computing. Microsoft Azure is one of the top cloud providers among Fortune 500 companies, and this free course aims to enable a new generation of machine learning practitioners to progress their careers.

Learn with the best.

  • Aniththa Umamahesan
    Aniththa Umamahesan

    Program Manager, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

  • Abe Omorogbe
    Abe Omorogbe

    Program Manager, Microsoft

  • Zoiner Tejada
    Zoiner Tejada

    CEO & Architect, Solliance

  • Ciprian Jichici
    Ciprian Jichici

    Chief Data Scientist, Solliance