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Getting Started with Google Workspace

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Learn the necessary skills to be productive with Google Workspace.

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About this course

This training equips learners with the skills they need to become productive with Google Workspace. By the end of this course, the learner will be proficient in the use of the core Google Workspace applications: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Meet, and Google Chat.

They will learn how to manage mail and schedules effectively; create, manage, and share content in Google Drive; and become more productive through the use of the collaboration features.

It is recommended that learners engage with this content using a Chromebook, Windows, or Mac OS computer with Google Chrome installed, plus a managed Google Workspace account.

What you will learn

  1. Gmail
    • Compose, send, and reply to messages
    • Explore some of the common actions that can be applied to a Gmail message
    • Organize your mail using Gmail labels
  2. Google Calendar
    • Learn how to create and manage Google Calendar events
    • Learn how to update an existing event, delete and restore events, and search your calendar
    • Understand when to apply different event types such as reminders, tasks, and appointment slots
  3. Google Drive
    • Navigate your Google Drive
    • Upload files and folders and work across file types
    • View, arrange, organize, modify, and remove files in Google Drive
  4. Google Docs
    • Open Google Docs, create and format a new document, and apply a template to a new document
    • Enhance your documents using a table of contents, headers and footers, tables, drawings, images, and more
    • Share your documents with others
  5. Google Sheets
    • Open Google Sheets, create a blank spreadsheet, and create a spreadsheet from a template
    • Add, import, sort, filter and format your data using Google Sheets and learn how to work across different file types
    • Create a basic formula, use functions, and reference data
  6. Google Slides
    • Open Google Slides, create a blank presentation, and create a presentation from a template
    • Explore themes, layout options, content formatting, and speaker notes in your presentations
    • Enhance your slides by adding tables, images, charts, and more
  7. Google Meet and Google Chat
    • Become familiar with the different ways you can open Google Meet and add people to a video conference
    • Join a meeting from different sources such as a calendar event or meeting link
    • Use direct messaging to have a private conversation with a colleague or a small group of people
  8. Google Sheets - Advanced Topics
    • Explore how to create formulas using functions, reference, and validate your data in a Google Sheet
    • Explore the data visualization options in Google Sheets, such as charts and pivot tables
    • Explore how Forms and Sheets work together by connecting collected Form data to a spreadsheet, or by creating a Form from an existing spreadsheet

Why take this course?

Taking advantage of what Google Workspace has to offer is an essential part of being an efficient employee. Understanding the different tools at your disposal will help you stay on top of your work, while giving you more control. Plus, Google Workspace makes teams faster, more collaborative, and thoroughly informed.

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