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ES6 - JavaScript Improved

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Updates to the JavaScript language

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About this course

ECMAScript 6, or ES6, has brought about a ton of changes to the JavaScript programming language. In this course, you'll explore those changes to learn about the latest features and improvements to the language including new keywords, arrow functions, the Class syntax, Promises, and so much more. Discover how much cleaner and more concise your JavaScript code can be!

What you will learn

  1. Syntax
    • Learn new ways to define variables
    • Use destructuring to work more efficiently with arrays and objects
    • Explore a new method for looping using the for...of loop
  2. Functions
    • Write cleaner and more concise functions using arrow functions
    • Learn how the `this` keyword behaves when working with arrow functions
    • Explore new ways to create extendable JavaScript classes and subclasses
  3. Built-ins
    • Experiment with new object types for Sets, Maps, WeakSets, and WeakMaps
    • Handle asynchronous requests using JavaScript Promises
    • Learn how generators can be used to pause the execution of a function while also maintaining its own state
  4. Professional developer-fu
    • Write ES6 code for unsupported browsers with polyfills and transpilers
    • Use a transpiler to convert ES6 code to ES5 code

Prerequisites and requirements

This course is ideal for developers who have experience with JavaScript and are looking to freshen up their skills. If you plan on learning a new framework like Angular or React, then this course is a perfect way to prepare you for the road ahead.

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Why take this course?

The web is constantly changing and with JavaScript as the most popular programming language for both front-end and back-end web development, it's important to keep up with the latest advances and improvements in the language. ES6 includes major changes in syntax and language features that can help you write better, cleaner code. Stay up-to-date in the professional world of web development, and learn what's happening in JavaScript today.

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    Richard Kalehoff


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