Creating Structured Data with JSON Objects

JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is a human-readable data format designed for easy handling within Javascript. An important data type within JSON is the JSON object, which is similar to a Javascript object but is not directly defined in the Javascript standard.

JSON objects are part of the JSON standard, which is distinct from the Javascript standard. The main difference between JSON objects and Javascript objects is that JSON objects are always static, while Javascript objects are dynamic.

In this article, we define what JSON objects are and how they differ from Javascript objects. The two data structures are similar, so it is important to understand the differences in how they are used.

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So You Want To Be a Self-driving Car Engineer

Futuristic image of a self-driving car with highlighted car parts.

Self-driving car engineering is a fascinating, interdisciplinary profession that consists of engineering, machine learning, computer science, robotics, and automobiles. Leading companies are driving change with cutting-edge technologies. 

There are many ways you can pursue your interests in self-driving car engineering by working directly with autonomous vehicles or indirectly on their integrated technologies. Across the world companies are developing self-driving cars and related technologies such as sensor systems, artificially intelligent neural networks, computer vision, and vehicle safety features. Learn how you can become a self-driving car engineer

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