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The Best Scholarships for Emerging Tech Professionals and Underrepresented Groups

If you find yourself wanting to upskill and build a tech career, then Udacity has the scholarship for you! Not only does Udacity offer scholarships to those from underrepresented groups, but they do so for emerging professionals as well. Read on to learn more about the different types of scholarships that Udacity offers and why it’s a great deal.

Our Scholarships Help Emerging Tech Professionals and Underrepresented groups

Udacity has launched scholarships for emerging tech professionals and underrepresented groups in order to promote diversity in tech. To benefit from these scholarships, students must complete the application and sign up for a scholarship while participating in the cohort style program. Scholarship recipients will have access to mentoring, discounted Udacity corporate training, and other discounts on corporate training programs.

The Benefits of Udacity Scholarships 

Udacity offers an online educational platform that is aimed at emerging professionals who are looking to enter the tech industry. There are a plethora of course offerings, project-based learning, and mentorship opportunities. The digital transformational education opportunities are partly delivered by people employed on its staff, but mainly consists of content created by industry experts from all over the world.

Who Can Apply for a Scholarship from Udacity?

Udacity is well-known for its online classes that cover a variety of topics from robotics to web development. However, Udacity also offers a scholarship program to support students pursuing careers in emerging technology fields, as well as those who are underrepresented in STEM fields. The goal of the scholarship is to provide a way for people to get hands-on experience and mentorship from industry professionals.

Current Udacity Scholarships 

Rancho Cordova Tech Career Incubator Program

  • The City of Rancho Cordova, the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, and Udacity are partnering to offer 50 fully funded scholarships to upskill the citizens of Rancho Cordova.
  • The scholarship provides an opportunity to build technical skills in Business Analytics or Intro to Programming.

Citi Scholarship Program

  • Citi and Udacity are working together to provide 100 scholarships to help increase education and professional opportunities in technology careers for underrepresented communities.
  • Apply to this scholarship program today to be a part of the change. Gain applicable skills that will help you start a new career in technology. 

Qualified students can apply to the Udacity Scholarship by applying here. If you are not qualified, see the list of other scholarship providers on the right side of the page. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and need.

Take the Next Steps Towards Your Tech Career 

Udacity has changed the game for ordinary people who want to enter into the world of technology. With free courses, you can explore your interests and become more confident in your skillset. Scholarships like the Citi Scholarship Program and Rancho Cordova Tech Career Incubator Program  help you learn how to create prototypes on future technologies like autonomous vehicles or artificial intelligence. You don’t need a university degree or expensive equipment, just an internet connection. Click here to learn more about these amazing opportunities. 

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