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What to Expect in a Marketing Analytics Internship

Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything — including how global organizations approach marketing. As the pandemic forces people to spend more time online —  visiting websites, taking classes, etc. — marketing analytics is becoming more important than ever. 

This is a great time to pursue a career in this field. But, consider trying a marketing analytics internship before going all in. 

A marketing analytics internship will give you a fair idea of what this field looks like and what you can expect as a professional.

What to Expect in a Marketing Analytics Internship

Marketing Analytics: More Important Than Ever

Data and analytics has always been a defining factor for all marketing-related activities. But, the demand for analytics has increased, especially after the pandemic, as there is an increased need to prove ROI. 

The business intelligence and marketing analytics space is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.5%. Globally, organizations are accelerating their digital transformation journey. Much of it has been the result of Covid-19 which has led to more customers opting for online businesses.

Global organizations have realized the importance of data-driven decision making and marketing is not alone to this trend. In fact, professionals are now adopting  various marketing analytics tools, at an unprecedented level. A marketing analytics internship will help you with that. 

Marketing Analytics Internship: What it Can Teach You

A marketing analytics internship will help you get hands-on experience. It will enable you to understand the field up close. Though marketing analysts are finding their place in most organizations and many top global companies are hiring such professionals, this role is still largely misunderstood. 

Here’s what a marketing analytics internship can teach you:

The Day-to-day Activities of Marketing Analytics

During your marketing analytics internship you’ll learn what it takes to be a marketing analytics professional. Soon you will realize that it  isn’t just a digital analytics role, but much more. A day in the life of a marketing analytics professional can range from some light SQL coding to in-depth machine learning algorithms. It’s much more than digital analytics and thus goes beyond just tracking clicks and conversion. 

Technical Skills

A marketing analytics internship will introduce you to the technical skills required to be successful in the field. It will expose you to various requirements of the job like Python, SQL, Data Studio, Tableau, and more. You will also learn  how much these technical skills matter and the kind of training you need to excel in the field.

Business Skills

Being a marketing analytics professional also requires you to have some business training and essential skills. Skills like verbal and written communication and relationship management are important for any professional, and those in marketing analytics are no exception. During your marketing analytics internship, you’ll have a chance to develop these skills.  

Get a Marketing Analytics Internship With the Right Skills

Before starting a marketing analytics internship, you’ll need to get the fundamentals. Check out our Marketing Analytics Nanodegree program that provides foundational data skills, an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics, and marketing analytics. 

You’ll also learn to analyze data and build models with Excel, Data Studio, and create informative data visualizations with Tableau. Apart from relevant course content, you will also get a chance to work on some real-world projects that will prepare you for your  internship.

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