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The Best Free Online Tech Courses

*The blog post was last updated on November 4, 2021.

COVID-19 changed the way we learn and work for the foreseeable future. During the height of the pandemic, almost 70% of people reported working from home full-time. These days, 92% of workers are still reporting remote work at least one day a week.

Fortunately, with just a computer and internet access, you can learn just about anything — from anywhere — even tech skills.

In fact, there has never been a better time to add technological know-how to your resume. A recent report showed that the tech industry generated $2 trillion, or about 10.5% of the economy in the United States. The tech industry is huge, and only growing bigger.

At Udacity, our goal is to help people learn the latest tech skills so that they can advance their careers. So far, our programs have helped over 2 million students. While Nanodegree programs are very popular, we also offer a wide range of free courses (nearly 200) to help people get started.

This guide will give you a peek into our top 10 most popular free online courses.

At Udacity, our goal is to help people learn the latest tech skills so that they can advance their careers. So far, our programs have helped over 2 million students. While Nanodegree programs are very popular, we also offer a wide range of free courses (nearly 200 to help people get started.

This guide will give you a peek into our top 10 most popular free online courses.

1. AWS Machine Learning Foundations

The AWS Machine Learning Foundations free online course is a beginner-level class that takes about 2 months to complete. In that time, instruction covers machine learning (ML) algorithms, best practices, and AWS AI tools, like Amazon SageMaker and Amazon DeepComposer. Take this course as a jumpstart to the Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree.

2. Intro to Python Programming

The Intro to Python Programming online course is perfect for beginners new to coding and to Python. The class takes approximately five weeks to finish and includes foundational instruction on the Python language — data types, variables, conditionals, loops, data structures, functions, scripting, error-handling, and third-party libraries. The course covers all the fundamentals you need before diving into the Data Analyst Nanodegree.

3. Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

The Developing Android Apps with Kotlin free online course was designed by Google and is aimed at intermediate-level developers. In as little as two months, students learn how to develop on Android as mobile developers with tools such as Room, Work Manager, and more. This course is the perfect place to start before embarking on the Android Developer Nanodegree.

4. Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms

The Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms free online course focuses on covering an in-depth look into common data structures and algorithms in Python (perfect for preparing for those daunting technical interviews). In about a month, the instruction, interactive quizzes, and mock interviews will have you ready for anything. This course is the best way to establish a solid foundation before beginning the Introduction to Programming Nanodegree.

5. Intro to Machine Learning

The Intro to Machine Learning free online course is an extensive class (it takes around 10 weeks to finish) on machine learning that covers data collection, ML algorithms, and ML performance evaluation. This course is the best place to start if you’re considering pursuing a Nanodegree — like AI for HealthcareComputer Vision, or Natural Language Processing — from our School of AI.

6. Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning

The Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning free online course was created by TensorFlow to help give intermediate-level developers a practical approach to deep learning in as little as two months. In this course, you’ll build image classifiers, work on big datasets at scale, and gain all the knowledge you will need to create your own AI apps. The course is another great foundation if you’re interested in taking the Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree.

7. Version Control with Git

The Version Control with Git free online course is a vital course for anyone working on code in a professional setting. Unfortunately, many schools skip over the vital skill of understanding version control, but in only  four weeks, this class will fill that gap. Beginners will learn about Git repos, commits, tags, branches, and merge conflicts. The course is the best way to prepare for a coding job in the real world and could be a great starting point for a certification like the React Developer Nanodegree.

8. Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers

The Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers free online course is aimed at intermediate-level developers and can be finished in just two weeks (when we say “bootcamp” we mean bootcamp!). In this course, you will learn all the essentials of Kotlin as a programming language. The course is another great building block for the Android Developer Nanodegree.

9. Android Basics: User Interface

The Android Basics: User Interface free online course is perfect for frontend mobile developers interested in working on Android. In this course (which can be finished in only two weeks), you will first learn how to create an app’s layout and then use that knowledge to build your own functional project. This course is the best way to begin the Android Basics Nanodegree.

10. Intro to Deep Learning with PyTorch

The Intro to Deep Learning with PyTorch free online course was created by the Facebook Artificial Intelligence group to help intermediate-level developers learn how to create deep neural networks using the PyTorch library in just two months. This course is essential for developing your skills before starting the Deep Learning Nanodegree.

Beginning Your Online Education

These 10 free online courses are just the tip of the Udacity education iceberg. We’ve got tech courses for coders, product managers, analysts, designers, and more! Sign up today to learn how we can help you advance your career to the next level.

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