Nanodegree Plus

Nanodegree Plus

Get a job or your money back!

Choose your program, land your dream job

Enroll in Nanodegree Plus, and you’ll get hired within 6 months of graduating, or we’ll refund 100% of your tuition. That’s the kind of confidence we have in you. We know that empowering yourself through learning, acquiring critical skills, and pursuing career advancement are life-changing steps to undertake. And we know they require commitment and hard work. But we’ll support you every step of the way—from enrollment, to getting hired.

  • Enroll. Learn.
    Enroll. Learn.

  • Graduate.
  • Get a job or your money back!
    Get a job or your
    money back!

Companies That Hire Udacity Students

Google Facebook AT&T Accenture Capital One Oracle Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Rakuten Wipro Nest

  • Can you explain why this is only available for some of your Nanodegree programs and not all?

    Ultimately, our goal is to extend Nanodegree Plus to other Nanodegree programs. Based on early work, we know graduates from our programs have found rewarding employment based on their Nanodegree credential. We are starting with this subset and will soon grow the initiative more broadly.

  • Who are your partner companies, and what will they guarantee?

    Our high-profile partnerships with industry leaders like Google, Facebook, AT&T, Amazon and more are a critical component of our Nanodegree program model, and while guaranteed employment with these specific organizations is not a feature of the Nanodegree Plus offering, Nanodegree program graduates have certainly enjoyed extra consideration.

    Google, for example, invited top graduates to their campus, and AT&T has pledged 100 internships. In January of 2016, graduates attended the Udacity Intersect Summit, where they met with and learned from leading Silicon Valley companies. And we are fortunate to have many relationships with a wide range of startups, all of whom are consistently seeking the kind of great talent that emerges from our programs.

  • I am an international student. Why is this restricted to the US?

    We hope to expand this program in the near future to other countries. Stay tuned!

  • What type of work authorization is Udacity able to support through the Nanodegree Plus job guarantee program?

    As a whole, Udacity is unable to guarantee anyone job placement through the Nanodegree Plus program if they are unable to complete an I-9 form by graduation. Be sure to review this form, and verify how it impacts your status. Employer sponsorship is NEVER a guarantee and is NOT covered under Nanodegree Plus. In general, employer sponsorship does not guarantee that the United States Federal government will issue a work authorization visa.

  • Why does this guarantee not apply retroactively? Can current students or alumni take advantage of this offering?

    We are very happy to support you in your job search today. Please reach out to our Careers Team (, and we’ll look forward to working with you to advance your career. Hundreds of our graduates have found jobs after graduating from the Nanodegree programs at companies like Google, Nest, Amazon, Accenture, AT&T, Goldman Sachs, Intuit and others. Alumni have also earned jobs at Udacity, or as Udacity contractors. Regarding Nanodegree Plus however, because this program features many new and unique elements, including a new Career Concierge among others, we can only offer the tuition refund component to new enrollees in our new Nanodegree Plus programs.

  • What type of jobs will you offer?

    Udacity will help you find a job (as defined in the program Terms and Conditions) at a partner company, land you a paying internship, or secure for you the opportunity to make money through Udacity’s global mentorship or freelancing programs. We will achieve this within six months of your graduation date, or refund your full tuition.

  • What will I need to do to be eligible for this program?

    Please review our complete Terms and Conditions for ongoing eligibility requirements. Diligent effort will be required of you on a weekly basis, as the placement process is by definition a partnership. We will support you every step of the way, and help connect you with great companies, but it is critical that you understand—and commit to—the program requirements prior to enrolling.

  • Has Udacity placed people before?

    Yes! We have already seen hundreds of Udacity students earn permanent jobs with partner companies, and we also provide freelancing opportunities to mentors worldwide. The success we’ve achieved to date is a driving force behind our decision to formalize our placement efforts and establish a new career-centric offering. We are very excited to deepen even further our commitment to seeing our students advance their careers, and land their dream jobs.

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