checkmark Here's yet another reason to master life-changing skills with a Nanodegree program!

How it works

  • Enroll in an eligible Nanodegree program before Sept 30, 2017
  • Graduate after May 6, 2015 and within 12 months of your start date without canceling
  • Complete the application form below when you graduate
  • If you qualify*, we'll credit your credit card
*To qualify, you must enroll in an eligible Nanodegree program** prior to September 30, 2017 and remain enrolled and be in compliance with Udacity’s Terms of Service until you graduate and otherwise meet all requirements of the promotion. You must graduate within twelve (12) months of your enrollment date. If you do not graduate for any reason, you are not eligible for this promotional refund. Students whose employers or third party sponsors (such as scholarship programs) pay for their Nanodegree programs are not eligible for this promotion.

**As of September 1, 2017 Eligible Nanodegree programs are only [Android Basics, Full Stack Developer, Front-End Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Analyst, iOS Developer, Introduction to Programming (if enrolled prior to May 1st, 2017), VR Developer (if enrolled prior to June 11th 2017), Android Developer (if enrolled prior to Aug 16th, 2017), and Data Analyst (if enrolled prior to Sept 12th, 2017)] Nanodegree programs. All other Nanodegree programs are not eligible for this promotion. This offer will be discontinued as of September 30, 2017 and no further enrollments will be eligible for this promotion after that date.

Claim 50% back when you graduate

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I’m not sure if I’m eligible for the 50% back reimbursement. How do I check?

Send us a message and our support team will be happy to help you out.

Am I eligible for the reimbursement if my company is paying for my Nanodegree program?

No, you are not. This program is only eligible for individual students who are paying out-of-pocket. If you are being reimbursed by your employer or your program is being funded by a scholarship, even partially, you are not eligible.

I need to take a break from my Nanodegree program. Can I cancel and still be eligible for the 50% back reimbursement?

No, you cannot. Canceling your program will disqualify you from the 50% back reimbursement entirely. You can, however, take a 1-month pause, and remain eligible for the reimbursement. You can do so by going to your Settings page.

Please note: If you pause your Nanodegree program, you still need to graduate 12 months from your original start date; but, you won’t have to pay for the 1 month you were paused.

How long does it take Udacity to process 50% back applications?

Tuition discount applications are processed within 8 weeks of being submitted.