checkmark Here's yet another reason to master life-changing skills with a Nanodegree program!

How it works

  • Enroll in a Nanodegree program
  • Graduate after May 6, 2015 and within 12 months of your start date without canceling
  • Complete the application form below when you graduate
  • If you qualify*, we'll credit your credit card
*To qualify, you need to have enrolled in a Nanodegree program, remain enrolled, and be in compliance with Udacity’s Terms of Service until you graduate. You’ll need to complete the program within 12 months of your most recent enrollment date. Students whose employers cover or reimburse program costs do not qualify. Programs completed before May 6, 2015 are not eligible for this offer. We reserve the right to change, or discontinue, this offer in the future.

*IPND students who have enrolled on or after May 1st 2017 are not eligible for this offer. Please see our Terms of Service.

Claim 50% back when you graduate

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Unfortunately you’re not eligible for this offer
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What if my company is paying for my Nanodegree program?

This program is only eligible for individual students who are paying out-of-pocket. If you are being reimbursed by your employer, you are not eligible at this time.

What if I need to pause my Nanodegree program enrollment?

We understand that things happen. The Nanodegree program is completely self-paced, so you are free to work on your own schedule. In order to remain eligible for this offer, you need to complete the Nanodegree program within a 12 month continuous enrollment.

If I cancel my subscription and re-enroll, how many months will be eligible for this program?

If you cancel your subscription and re-enroll in a Nanodegree program, you will need to graduate within 12 months of your most recent enrollment. You are then eligible to receive 50% of tuition back from the enrollment period in which you graduated.

For example, if you enroll in the Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program in July and cancel your subscription after two months, then re-enroll in October and graduate in March 2016, you will be eligible to receive 50% back on your payments made from October through March, but not the payments months prior to canceling your subscription (July & August).