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Server-Side Swift


Learn how to utilize Swift as a server-side language for building end-to-end applications. Discover how Swift can power a web server, connect to data stores, and power client-side applications.

Learn how to utilize Swift as a server-side language for building end-to-end applications. Discover how Swift can power a web server, connect to data stores, and power client-side applications.

Last Updated March 7, 2022


No experience required

Course Lessons

Lesson 1

πŸ“– Running Swift Locally and on the Server

In this lesson, you'll build Swift servers that can run on macOS and Linux. You'll also utilize the Swift Package Manager as you build a simple end-to-end app entirely in Swift!

Lesson 2

πŸ“– A Microservice Mindset

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to build, run, and deploy microservices written in Swift. You'll also plan an entirely new app using a microservice-based architecture.

Lesson 3

πŸ“– Building a Swift Microservice

In this lesson, you will build a Swift microservice from scratch that interfaces with a datastore which can create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) resources.

Lesson 4

πŸ“– Joins, Paging, Procedures, and Transactions

In this mini-lesson, learn how to use a Swift MySQL client to execute JOIN queries, create paged results, use stored procedures, and perform transactions β€” sets of MySQL operations.

Lesson 5

πŸ“– Creating a User Microservice

In this lesson, you will build a users microservice that integrates with Facebook's AccountKit. You will also create JSON web tokens and a new middleware to secure microservice endpoints.

Lesson 6

πŸ“– Upcoming Lessons

In the remaining lessons for this course, you build the microservices powering the "Game Night" iOS app. This includes microservices for activities, events, users, friends, and a backend-for-frontend.

Lesson 7

β˜• Extras: End-to-End Swift Apps with ICT

In this lesson, you'll construct an end-to-end Swift app using IBM's Cloud Tools and Xcode. You’ll also deploy a Swift server into IBM's Bluemix cloud.

Lesson 8

β˜• Extras: Let's Deploy

Deploying a server can be daunting experience, but with time and practice it becomes a second nature. In this lesson, deploy a Swift server to Heroku, Bluemix, and Amazon Web Services!

Lesson 9

β˜• Extras: Industry Interviews

Hear from industry professionals on the topics of server-side Swift, cross-platform tooling, and more.

Lesson 10

πŸ› οΈ SwiftyJSON

Parsing JSON in Swift can be a pain. That's why there are easy-to-use frameworks like SwiftyJSON that make it simple. So, get back to what matters β€” your app β€” and let SwiftyJSON do the rest!

Lesson 11

πŸ› οΈ Server-Side Swift with Docker

Setup a server-side Swift environment using Docker. Docker gives you the ability to quickly create and destroy virtual Linux environments that are tailed for application development.

Lesson 12

β˜• Extras: An Image Processing Server

In this short lesson, you'll learn how to build a Swift server that can process and return images.

Lesson 13

β˜• Extras: The Codable Protocol

Swift 4 adds the new Codable protocol which provides an easy, type safe way to encode and decode custom data types. In this post, we explore the Codable, Encodable, and Decodable protocols.

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