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Intro to Progressive Web Apps

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Web Apps for the Next Billion Users

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About this course

In this course you’ll get started working on your very first Progressive Web App (PWA) - a web app that can take advantage of many of the features native applications have enjoyed. You’ll also get more experience in creating a web app that works offline using Service Workers. Finally, you’ll make your app installable to the user’s home screen with the Web App Manifest file.

What you will learn

  1. Progressive Web Apps
    • What is a Progressive Web App is and why you would want to make one?
    • Get started building out your very own app shell.
  2. Service Workers
    • Use Service Workers to enable your application to work offline.
    • Identify which assets you should cache and how to use these cached assets in your application.
  3. Web App Manifest
    • Allow users to install your Progressive Web App to their device’s home screen.
    • Properly configure a Web App Manifest.

Prerequisites and requirements

Students should know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including object-oriented JavaScript. You should also have access to a mobile device capable of running the latest version of Google Chrome.

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why take this course?

This content is important because the next frontier for developers is creating web applications that can reach places native apps cannot. This course covers the requirements for and construction of Progressive Web Applications – web sites that can install and operate applications on a mobile device just as if they were native applications.

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