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Intro to Backend

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Starting Out with Web Serving Technology

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Introduction to Programming

About this course

This course is a selection of material from our larger Web Development course.

This course presents an overview of a variety of Web backend topics: handling user input, producing templated output, storing information in databases and data stores, and building systems with secure user accounts.

What you will learn

  1. Forms and Inputs
    • How do web sites handle user input?
    • Build HTML forms and the validation and escaping logic needed to handle user input correctly.
  2. Templates
    • How do web sites produce neatly formatted output for users to see?
  3. Databases
    • How do web sites store data?
    • Use both SQL databases and the Google App Engine datastore in this program.
  4. User Accounts & Security
    • What's a cookie and what does it have to do with logging in a user?
    • How do web sites use cookies, passwords, and other components to provide security?

Why take this course?

You want to build Web services and want a place to start. This course gives you the foundational knowledge to do just that.

Learn with the best.

  • Steve Huffman
    Steve Huffman