Self-driving Car Hub — Everything You Want to Know About Self-driving Cars

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Welcome to the Self-driving Car Hub! 

This hub provides you with a comprehensive repository for information about self-driving cars — one of the most popular and important tech products that can positively impact your life!

People have been excited about self-driving cars since the early 1900s. As early as 1939, people saw versions of self-driving cars on display at the New York World’s Fair Futurama exhibit. In the time since, people and technology have greatly improved the first autonomous vehicle prototypes.

You have many reasons to be excited about self-driving cars today. Autonomous vehicles can improve driving safety, increase your leisure time, and reduce your stress levels while behind the wheel. Further, electric self-driving cars are a means toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

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How Self-driving Cars Work: Sensor Systems

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People have been excited about self-driving cars since the early 20th century. Perhaps you are one of many enthusiasts who foresee an automated vehicle future with enhanced driving safety, personal leisure time behind the wheel, and relief from the burdens of driving.

You can be better prepared for the future by learning about how self-driving cars work. Self-driving cars rely on computers, sensor systems, algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to accurately perceive and safely navigate their environments.

This post focuses on the complex sensor systems you can find in self-driving cars. Let’s dive into the technologies that make self-driving cars possible. 

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When Will Self-driving Cars Be Available?

Smart cars with automatic sensor driving on metropolis with wireless connection

When will self-driving cars be available for consumers? Leading players in the self-driving vehicle field estimate that moderately automated vehicles can become widely available during this decade. 

In the past, U.S. car industry experts optimistically forecast release dates for autonomous vehicles of 2020/21. Yet many issues hamper widespread development and release of self-driving cars such as safety, legislation, climate, and societal acceptance of this emerging technology.

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So You Want To Be a Self-driving Car Engineer

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Self-driving car engineering is a fascinating, interdisciplinary profession that consists of engineering, machine learning, computer science, robotics, and automobiles. Leading companies are driving change with cutting-edge technologies. 

There are many ways you can pursue your interests in self-driving car engineering by working directly with autonomous vehicles or indirectly on their integrated technologies. Across the world companies are developing self-driving cars and related technologies such as sensor systems, artificially intelligent neural networks, computer vision, and vehicle safety features. Learn how you can become a self-driving car engineer

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Self-driving Car Engineer Salary: What You Can Expect in 2021

You may be interested in self-driving cars and curious about working with robotic systems or artificial intelligence. If so, consider becoming a self-driving car engineer. 

There are many types of jobs available to work on self-driving cars with leading companies. You can earn a great salary and experience fascinating knowledge-based opportunities.

Self-driving cars and related technologies have been in development for a long time. However, recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have facilitated substantial progress in the self-driving car industry.   

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Self-driving Car Engineer Jobs: How to Secure Your Dream Career

As the self-driving car industry grows, so too does the need for qualified engineers who have proficiency in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and self-driving car engineering to push this technology forward. 

Here at Udacity, our founder, Sebastian Thurn, is a passionate trailblazer in the world of self-driving car technology. So it’s no surprise that we would offer educational programs and courses that support this innovative and fast-growing technology.  

Here’s how you can land a self-driving car engineer job in 2021, and the skills needed to thrive in this hot career.

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