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Udacity Launches Discovering Ethical AI Course

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Newest Course from Udacity Free Along with Three Additional Courses

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget recently released new guidance to federal agencies on how they can and cannot use artificial intelligence (AI). This followed an Executive Order on “Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence” last Fall. As new AI regulations and applications rapidly emerge, professionals who stay up-to-date bring tremendous value to their organizations.

Which is why Udacity’s newest course “Discovering Ethical AI” – launching today and available for free for 30 days – is a very timely opportunity to get up to speed.

Ria Cheruvu, AI Software Architect and technical lead, is the Discovering Ethical AI course instructor. In the course, you’ll learn about the context and motivation for applying ethics to AI development lifecycles, analyze real-world case studies, and delve into the ethical principles and regulatory guidelines for Generative AI (GenAI). 

In Ria’s course, professionals will learn about AI ethics for organizations, including:

  • Defining ethical AI and outlining ethical AI principles,
  • Different stakeholders involved in AI ethics,
  • Applying ethics to AI lifecycles,
  • The steps of an AI lifecycle, from pre-design to development to deployment,
  • AI ethics case studies, and
  • The ethical challenges of Generative AI, including how chatbots can generate harmful content and how image generators can create biased images.

As technology regulations and standards evolve and new applications come to market, AI, data science, and digital transformation are converging to change the business landscape. To give a solid foundation in these intersecting disciplines, Udacity is also offering free access to three related courses for a month: “Discovering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,” “Discovering Data Science,” and “Discovering Digital Transformation.” 

Each of these disciplines are interrelated, and essential to the future of tech. With these courses, in a matter of days, you can level up your knowledge and apply your new understanding to your current job or the next one.

Then you can choose your next move – be that taking my Generative AI for Business Leaders course, diving into the more technical Generative AI Nanodegree program, or learning from any of the more than 1,400 industry experts on the Udacity platform.

From my perspective, the only wrong move is standing still. What are you waiting for? Enroll today!

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