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Your salary potential as a deep learning engineer.

Deep learning is a technique performed by computers that allows them to learn from studying examples. The computer uses examples to train itself to discover patterns. They do this by using deep neural networks to use input data and create their output, or label/classification. 

About deep learning.

Deep learning is not to be confused with machine learning, in which a computer can draw its own conclusions by using patterns from data. Deep learning is useful because the data’s complex patterns can be labeled automatically, making the process faster and even more accurate than if a human did it.

This technology is precious because of its endless applications like object tracking, health diagnosis, and even speech or music recognition. Deep learning is an exciting field to be a part of because of how quickly it is developing and how it is able to change the world and even save lives.

Why you should consider a career as a deep learning engineer.

Glassdoor.com has 5,805 job listings related to deep learning engineering and Indeed.com has 15,268 related job postings. So there’s currently a lot of demand for this kind of work. And with the rate at which technology progresses and the new technological discoveries that are being made, a career in this STEM field is a solid move to provide stability for the future.

How much does a deep learning engineer make?

It is reported that most engineers in the United States begin making an average of $109K a year, with top salaries hovering over $215K.

A deep learning engineer in the United States can expect to make an average salary of $137,287 a year. 


Deep learning engineer salary breakdown by major US city.

New York, NY: $141,471

San Francisco, CA: $147,284

Seattle, WA: $158,498

Austin, TX: $136,671

Denver, CO: $135,336

Atlanta, GA: $139,284

Remote: $132,578

Deep learning engineer salary breakdown by experience.

Even in an entry-level deep learning engineer role, you’ll likely bring home an impressive six-figure salary. And it’s only up from there.

0-1 year of experience: $125,814

4-6 years of experience: $140,480

15+ years of experience: $164,210

Explore deep learning engineering.

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