Accenture Apprenticeship Program

Closing the Tech Gap with the Accenture Scholarship Program

It’s no secret that there’s a gap between tech talent that exists and tech talent companies need.  Unfortunately (for the big companies), this skill gap has only gotten more expansive in the last few years.

Udacity has always believed in helping upskill workers with the modern tech skills they need to land their dream job. Now, Udacity is joining forces with Accenture to create the Accenture Scholarship Program that will provide free Nanodegrees to 600 applicants without 4-year college degrees and usher them into the Accenture Apprenticeship Program. Keep reading to learn more.

Train to Hire at Accenture

Accenture is a global Fortune 500 company specializing in technology and digital consulting. With over 600k employees and offices spanning 50 countries, it’s safe to say they’re one of the most influential companies of our time. 

They’re also an organization committed to responsibility and sustainability — particularly when it comes to supply chain and people. The heart of what they do lies in using artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation to help make the world a better place for all people.

Back in 2017, Accenture and Aon created the Chicago Apprenticeship Network. Their goal was to provide more paths to high-paying tech jobs for underserved communities. Accenture still firmly  believes in this mission, which is why they’re teaming up with Udacity to form the train-to-hire Accenture Scholarship Program.

Accenture Scholarship Program Details

Applications for the Accenture Scholarship Program open December 6, 2021, and close January 17, 2022. By February 17, 2022, the final student list of scholarship recipients will be announced, and Nanodegree programs will begin on February 21, 2022. Once the Nanodegree programs end, all scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to apply for the apprenticeship program.

Of all who apply, 600 lucky students will receive the Accenture scholarship and will be eligible for two different fully-paid Nanodegree programs through Udacity:

Make sure to head over to our scholarship page on December 6 when the scholarship opens! 

Closing the Tech Gap

At Udacity, our mission is to help people who want to learn about tech and achieve their dream careers do just that. With flexible learning schedules, a wide array of courses, and instruction from leaders in the industry, we’ve helped students everywhere graduate and go on to the job of their dreams.

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