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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Key Industries

As a Technical Content Specialist at Udacity’s School of AI, my ultimate goal is to help learners ride the digital transformation wave by applying their newfound knowledge of innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). My main job is to synthesize enterprise and student engagement to improve our content and boost student outcomes. 

I make sure that the AI skills students learn are preparing them to take on impactful projects at work because AI can transform the nature of work regardless of industry. In fact, here are a few data science and AI use cases in the energy, professional services and telecommunications sectors.

Predictive Maintenance in the Energy Industry

Energy companies need to balance energy supply and demand efficiently. To do so effectively, they must collect vast amounts of data from IoT devices like smart meters and sensors. But data collection is meaningless without the right expertise to generate insights. 

That’s where predictive maintenance comes in. In tech-forward energy companies, engineers take real-time sensor data from equipment and combine it with machine learning, data analytics and modeling to determine precisely when assets need maintenance before they break down.

For example, identifying anomalies in vibration or temperature data of equipment can help engineers decide when maintenance is required. If engineers use their skills effectively, they can help the company avoid expensive repairs and equipment downtime, saving companies a lot of money in the long run.

Workflow Automation for Professional Services

Much of a consultant’s core work consists of claims processing, data entry and other clerical tasks in the professional services industry. Business leaders quickly realize that by upskilling their employees in data science and AI, they can streamline workflows, cut operational expenses and better serve their customers.

For instance, consultants may spend a lot performing tedious manual tasks like filling timesheets or updating task completion trackers. Using AI can automate these rote tasks and instead provide more time for stakeholder collaboration and problem-solving. Contrary to popular belief, AI and data science will make your workforce more efficient and add more value for your clients, not simply eliminate jobs.

Smarter Customer Service for Telecommunications

Telecom companies are increasingly using AI and machine learning to improve their customer service. Because telecoms get large numbers of customer support requests daily for setup, installation and troubleshooting, they need to find innovative solutions to scale customer support.

With AI implementation, chatbots can send automated responses to customers at scale without ever requiring human involvement, improving customer satisfaction through fast response times and cutting costs. What’s more, virtual assistants can determine which services are requested and when customers need them from the data collected. 

Udacity’s Artificial Intelligence Curriculum

Our AI curriculum offers an effective approach to upskilling your teams, no matter your industry or your workforce’s current skill levels. What’s more, all of our Nanodegree programs go through regular content maintenance so that your employees are always getting the most up-to-date AI knowledge. Regardless of where your organization is in its digital transformation journey, we can help you stay on the cutting edge of digital skills and bring innovative AI solutions to life.

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