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From a lawyer to an iOS developer | Student Story

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Last week, Aaron, the 11-year-old Self-Driving Car Engineer inspired us with his grit and determination to learn. This week we bring to you another super motivational career transition story of the 30-year-old former lawyer, Marcela Ceneviva Auslenter, who transitioned her career to become an iOS Developer.

After finishing her masters in Business Law two years ago, Marcela decided to do something in the field of technology. Back then, she didn’t know what her true calling was. Thanks to her husband, an Android Developer himself, for introducing her to Udacity and suggesting her to enroll for an iOS Developer Nanodegree Program. Today, Marcela is proudly doing what she always wanted to do.

Marcela with her husband

About myself

My name is Marcela Ceneviva Auslenter. I’m 30 years old. I am a former lawyer and I decided to study iOS development and change my career completely. Here’s my story of becoming an iOS Developer from a former lawyer.

After finishing my masters in business law two years ago, I decided that I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. I decided to leave everything behind and move to London to do something else. I knew I wanted to study something in tech, but I had no idea what or even how to start.

My journey with Udacity

In the meantime, I met my husband who is an Android developer himself. He influenced me to study iOS development and introduced me to Udacity. He said he knew a lot of people who have graduated from Udacity’s Nanodegree programs and landed their first jobs.

I had a look at the program and it seemed really interesting. Udacity gives all the support you need. Also, the costs are quite low compared to other institutions. Since I wasn’t working, that was a must for me.

What I love about Udacity?

I finished the program within 1 year and even though it was a long journey, it was incredibly rewarding. The way Udacity provides the material is simple, easy to understand and even if you get stuck with something there’s always someone to help. The reviews are honest and clear so you learn from them and improve your code. I think this assistance is one of the most important things! If you’re not from the field or even if you are, you can get stuck, so it’s always good to have people to help you.

Overall I just have to say that Udacity helped me a lot to become an iOS Developer and thanks to this course, today I’m an associate iOS developer at a big agency in London. I got my job just after 2 months of my graduation.

Want to transition your career just like Marcela? Check out Udacity now!

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