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The New Udacity Talent Program Will Connect Even More Alumni with Amazing Jobs

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Since the first Nanodegree programs launched in 2014, Udacity has had a simple mission—to connect our highly-skilled graduates with job opportunities. This focus has produced some great successes, with talented candidates getting offers at incredible companies like Amazon, AT&T, Bosch, Facebook, Google, and IBM.

We’re pleased to announce that we are building on that success by launching an improved AI-based process for matching candidates with employers—the Udacity Talent Program. Alumni who graduated from a Udacity Nanodegree program in the last six months are eligible to share their resumes with our network of employers. And participating employers are able to browse a brand-new platform, powered by, to source their ideal candidates—even in traditionally difficult-to-source technical areas like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Autonomous Systems.

“The quality of the job candidates is really impressive. The candidates have these totally different backgrounds, but have made all these efforts to reinvent themselves. They want to be the person that creates solutions.”

Jennifer Langston, Lead College Recruiting Manager at AT&T

With the release of the updated Talent Program,we’re streamlining access for students and employers. It’s going to be a better experience for everyone!

Better for alumni

“When I got the call that I landed my dream job at Google, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe that the practical machine learning and computer vision skills that I acquired through Udacity would have such a positive and immediate impact on my career.”
Aaron Iglesias, Software Engineer at Google

We love hearing stories like Aaron’s, and we’ve been working hard to make sure we hear more and more of them! So, for alumni, our new Talent Program has been designed to make it as simple as possible to connect with the job openings our participating employers are looking to fill. All you need to do is upload your resume and share your profile to our Talent Program database. Then you can sit back and let the platform match you with recruiters’ open positions.

It’s an easy, low-effort system that gets you maximum visibility with top employers who already know the full value of your Nanodegree program. And it means recruiters will come to YOU with opportunities!

Better for employers

Partner employers have always understood the great value of hiring Udacity alumni. They know Udacity candidates have verified skills in industry-vetted programs in high-demand areas like data science and digital marketing. They know they’re hiring dedicated lifelong learners who’ve taken the initiative to build their own skills. They know our alumni represent a diverse global pool of non-traditional talent that can keep them ahead of competitors.

“Hiring today demands a global talent solution we have full confidence in. The Udacity graduates we hire always excel.”
Peeyush Ranjan, Former CTO at Flipkart

Now, with the Udacity Talent Program, we’ve made the process of discovering this talent simple and straightforward. Using the platform, employers will be able to quickly and accurately focus their search—adding a job description and selecting the specific skills the role requires. Then, will find candidates matched to the role description so that employers can rapidly discover candidates they’d like to interview.

Recruiters can automate communications to seamlessly reach out to in-demand talent, and track their application status within the platform, or connect to their company’s Applicant Tracking System to streamline outreach further. All told, it’s an even faster and more effective way to source the very best candidates from amongst our incredible Udacity talent pool!

Better for everyone

The Udacity Talent Program is the next evolution of Udacity’s fundamental focus—supporting our talented alumni in their career goals and into incredible jobs at the world’s most innovative companies. We’re so excited to see alumni and companies connect through this program!

Eligible Udacity alumni can find more details on how to add their profile to the Udacity Talent Program database on this page. Employers seeking to gain access to our curated database of in-demand talent can start the simple sign-up process here.

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