Find Your Next Great Hire With Us

Bridge the growing tech talent gap by tapping into Udacity’s global Talent Program. Use our online tool to browse, filter by skills and location, and find your ideal hire today.

Why Hire Udacity Talent?

Looking for highly-skilled, non-traditional talent sources? Udacity candidates are lifelong learners. They’ve built practical skills in our industry-vetted programs in fields like data science, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and machine learning.

We make it easy for you to source candidates matched to your specific requirements. Udacity’s AI-powered, easy to use platform stack ranks qualified candidates with the skills your company needs.

Hire with confidence

Udacity’s project-based Nanodegree programs provide practical, job-ready talent with proven technical skills and ability to solve real-world problems.

Streamline your search

Browse our global pool of thousands of job-ready candidates. Filter for select skills and locations, and track application status. Automated communications offer personalized introductions to in-demand talent.

Stay ahead of the competition

Our talent pool is constantly evolving to ensure you have access to the most in-demand skills when you need them.

How It Works

We make it easy to source skilled candidates. Simply tell us your hiring needs to become a preferred employer. Once approved, you receive access to the platform to source Udacity talent.

01. Become a preferred employer

Apply for access to our curated database of in-demand talent.

02. Select the skills you need

Upload a job description and select desired skills.

03. Choose candidates to interview

Scroll through stack ranked candidates and invite selected candidates to apply with a single click.