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  • Trained by Industry
    Trained by Industry

    Curriculum developed by experts like Google and Facebook to match the skills they're looking to hire.

  • Real Skills, Real Projects
    Real Skills, Real Projects

    Vetted skills through real-world projects that have been evaluated by real-life project reviewers.

  • Free to Hire
    Free to Hire

    100% free to hire. When you find the right candidate, there is no placement fee to hire them.

What Employers are Saying

Trained by Industry

“Hiring today demands a global talent solution we have full confidence in. The Udacity graduates we hire always excel.”

Peeyush Ranjan, Former CTO of Flipkart

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Accenture AT&T Google Didi IBM Priceline Nvidia Mercedes Benz

Our Candidates' Skills

As students progress through a Nanodegree program they complete projects built by industry leaders. These projects are reviewed and scored based on a number of criteria.

Sherman Hui
Sherman Hui
Richmond, BC
man smiling while holding up map

Front-End Web Developer

Neighborhood Map: Pubcrawl Guide

Kushal Sharma
Kushal Sharma
New Delhi, Delhi
colorful photos on iphone screens

Android Developer

Print Shop App

Meilan Ou
Meilan Ou
San Francisco, CA
choropleth map of median housing prices in the United States

Data Analyst

Housing Market Visualization

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