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If you’re taking one of our Nanodegree programs, we’re happy to announce that you’ll now be able to take advantage of our new professional profiles, through which you can showcase your skills to potential employers and advertise your employment preferences (as well as share your portfolios with your peers and friends!).

If you’re an enrolled student, you can get started right now by going to your profile (also accessible by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner and selecting ‘Profile’ in the drop-down menu) and syncing your relevant accounts when prompted. Once all sections have been populated and edited to your satisfaction, be sure to toggle the switch next to the ‘Recruitment Info’ section to “Looking for Jobs” to let others know you’re in the market!

When you start a Nanodegree, new sections within your profile are automatically created. They are also automatically populated with portfolio items (for now, just your projects), as you work through the program, leaving you free to focus on learning while a project portfolio is built for you. You can of course improve your profiles by uploading extra examples of your work as you go.

You can opt-in to show potential employers not only your Nanodegree projects but also your work history and preferences, including cities and countries to which you are willing to relocate, simply by completing your profile. Employers can then see at a glance what you learned, what you can do and whether their open positions might be relevant for you.

There is also a public view, which is perfect for sharing with friends, family and fellow Nanodegree students. For example, check out Allan’s profile here:

Professional profiles powered by Accredible

Yes, student Allan Reyes has really completed THREE Nanodegrees. #hardcore

The new profiles are powered by Accredible, who are best known for their interactive course digital certificates in order to make students accessible and attractive to recruiters. We’re excited to team up with them on this career effort!

If you haven’t yet enrolled in a Nanodegree, why not start today? Nanodegrees are built and recognized by leading technology companies, designed specifically to advance your career. They teach the skills necessary to excel in technology’s most sought-after positions, and enable you to practice and demonstrate those skills through realistic projects. Nanodegrees currently available include: Data AnalystFront-End Web DeveloperFull Stack Web DeveloperiOS DeveloperIntroduction to Programming.

Questions about profiles or general career services? Holler at us:

Kathleen Mullaney
Kathleen Mullaney
Kathleen Mullaney is VP of Careers at Udacity. She joined Udacity in 2011 as one of its first employees. She is a frequent speaker at education and technology conferences, and recently spoke on adult learning at SXSWedu and diversity in hiring at SXSW Interactive. Prior to Udacity, Kathleen was a data analyst working on Google Maps where she created tools to help improve team processes and map data quality. Kathleen holds an undergraduate degree in Geography and Spanish from UCSB.