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The Ultimate List of iOS Developer Resources to Follow

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Next month, we’re launching the much-anticipated iOS Developer Nanodegree. But for those that are new to iOS development, we wanted to create a helpful list of iOS resources to follow. In Intro to iOS App Development with Swift, we asked you to share some of your favorite iOS resources. Boy did you ever deliver! And so, we’ve combined your suggestions with our own to create the ultimate list of iOS resources to follow.

Ultimate List of iOS Resources

We suggest bookmarking these and following along when you have some free time. You’ll definitely discover some helpful information about iOS development, regardless of your experience level.


Don’t let the name fool you; this is a great resource for all iOS development (both Objective-C and Swift). Keep in mind that the content is more relevant for the intermediate or advanced developer, covering everything from libraries in Swift to compiler optimization.

2. iOS Goodies

iOS Goodies is like a glorious treasure trove of iOS information. Curated weekly, iOS Goodies collects information published around the ‘net and covers a variety of iOS topics, from Xcode cheats and tricks to business trends and advice.

3. World Wide Developer Conference Videos

WWDC is an annual event hosted by Apple in California where Apple engineers share the latest technology with software engineers. With your free AppleID, you have access to hours of video footage from the conference, covering a broad range topics. Videos are even updated as APIs change!

4. NSHipster

Updated weekly, NSHipster covers those generally overlooked topics in the iOS ecosystem, from obscure Cocoa frameworks to open source tools. You’re almost guaranteed to learn something new every week.

5. Ray Wenderlich

Ray tends to cover beginner content, including many Swift topics, from getting started to building games. Check out his tutorials as you get started in the wonderful world of iOS.

Ulitmate list of iOS Resources

6. iOS Programming Subreddit

Subreddits are great places to collaborate and share information with other iOS Developers. The iOS Programming subreddit is an active community where you can ask questions and gain intel from other fellow developers.

7. Apple’s Swift Blog

Okay, this is a gimme. But it’s also a great resource for developers to get the latest information on Swift. As the Swift language is still evolving, checking in on the Swift blog regularly will ensure you’re the first to know about any syntactical or functional changes to the language. Straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say…

8. AppCoda

Not only does AppCoda have a wealth of tutorials and generally helpful information, but they also have an active forum community that’s worth joining or reading up on.

9. iOSDevWeekly and NatashaTheRobot

These are both good weekly iOS article aggregators. iOSDevWeekly is more serious and Natasha is more fun, but they are often promoting the same articles.

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