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Firebase in a Weekend (iOS)


This course will teach you when and why to choose Firebase as a backend for your iOS application.

This course will teach you when and why to choose Firebase as a backend for your iOS application.

Last Updated March 7, 2022


No experience required

Course Lessons

Lesson 1

Firebase in a Weekend: Saturday

Start the weekend off right by implementing Firebase in FriendlyChat. FriendlyChat is a realtime messaging application. In this lesson you will: - Create a Firebase project in the Firebase console - Setup Firebase in FriendlyChat - Read and write chat message data to the Firebase Realtime Database - Secure your database with Firebase's security rules language - Setup login and authentication for users

Lesson 2

Firebase in a Weekend: Sunday

During the Sunday lesson, you'll be getting into more advanced topics. They include: - Using Firebase Storage to allow users to upload picture messages from their phone - Securing your user's uploaded files using Firebase's Storage rules - Accessing and analyzing your application's data about user behaviors - Sending notifications to users from the Firebase console - Using Firebase Remote Config to test a new max length for FriendlyChat messages, all without an app update

Lesson 3

Firebase in a Weekend: Monday

Got extra time this weekend? As a bonus, you will write your own Cloud Function for Firebase that makes chat more fun by adding emojis to FriendlyChat conversations. Cloud Functions for Firebase integrates the Firebase platform by letting you write code that responds to events and invokes functionality exposed by other Firebase features.

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Jarrod is an experienced iOS developer with a passion for reinventing how students learn. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Alabama.

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