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    Why safe workplaces for women mean thriving businesses.


    Listen to this in-depth discussion where we explore the challenges faced by women in tech, how companies can build an inclusive culture, and why doing so is good for business.

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    • Hallie Bregman

      Global Head of People Analytics, PTC

    • Sidney Madison Prescott

      Global Head of Intelligent Automation, Spotify

    • Lucinda Sanders

      CEO, National Center for Women & Information Technology

    • Kari Paul

      Reporter, The Guardian

    A more inclusive environment produces better outcomes.

    It's true—a more diverse workforce is better for business.

    According to a report from Bloomberg, companies that build gender-balanced teams are more innovative when it comes to shaping new products, technologies, and initiatives. Unfortunately, the process of recruiting, hiring, and retaining women in tech remains difficult—and the growing talent shortage is only exacerbating the problem.

    In this webinar, part of Udacity’s STEM Forward with Women conference, female leaders share their insights on the systemic hurdles women still encounter today and how companies can tackle them to create an inclusive culture.

    Listen to the discussion and learn why companies should prioritize the following:

    • Creating a culture of psychological safety and well-being for all employees
    • Empowering women and minorities to redefine ways of working and drive innovation
    • Supporting the development of women and minorities with mentors, allies, and sponsors