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Udacity’s Digital Competency Platform

Digital Competencies

Refined over 10 years, Udacity competencies focus exclusively on in-demand digital technologies and ensure immediate workplace relevance.

Content co-created with industry leaders.

GitHub, IBM, BMW, Amazon, Accenture, Microsoft, and Nvidia.GitHub, IBM, BMW, Amazon, Accenture, Microsoft, and Nvidia.

Exclusive content, exceptional quality.

  • Our content is highly curated—in partnership with industry leaders from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft—to advance expertise in data science, ML, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more.
  • From our individual courses to our highly valued Nanodegree credential, each program is deeply focused on a single concept, eliminating guesswork in selecting the right course to overcome talent gaps.
  • 15,000+

    hours of catalog content

  • 97

    Nanodegree programs & individual courses

Master competencies with certain success.

  • Personalized project feedback and critique includes line-by-line code review from experts.
  • Project review cycle creates a feedback loop with unlimited opportunities for improvement—until the concept is mastered.
  • Experts leverage industry best practices and provide pro tips.

    Highly vetted expert network.

    • Experts must complete a 5-step hiring process to join Udacity’s selective network.
    • After passing an objective and situational assessment, experts must demonstrate communication and behavioral fit for a mentorship role.
    • Experts work across more than 30 different industries and are required to complete a Nanodegree program.
    • 1400+

      network of experts

    • 4.5%

      acceptance rate

    On-demand support for building competency.

    • Talent transformation accelerates as experts identify areas of achievement and potential for growth.
    • Unlimited access to experts means help arrives when it’s needed most.
    • Timely response to questions guarantees that competency-development stays on track.
    • 24/7

      learning support

    • 1 hr or less

      average question response time

    Critical thinking,
    not step-by-step guides.

    Our experiential projects are open-ended, designed to reflect actual business challenges. Projects are based on real-world professional scenarios, developing knowledge and confidence that wins.