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Data Analytics

According to analysts, the big data market will be almost $50B by 2019. Coupled with the estimation that by 2018 there will nearly 1.2 million open data jobs with no one to fill them*, it is clear that understanding and communicating with data will be critical for impact. The skills needed to be a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, or Data Scientist are all about to be in real demand, and Udacity is here to help you get a head start! *International Data Corporation

Data Analyst Nanodegree New Coming Soon

7 Projects
Learn to clean up messy data, uncover patterns and insights, make predictions using machine learning, and clearly communicate your findings.

2.09K IN COLLABORATION WITH Facebook, Tableau

Business Analyst Nanodegree New Coming Soon

8 Projects
Predictive analytics is the practice of determining patterns from data to predict future outcomes and trends. Across industries, it enables high-value solutions to important business problems.

2.07K IN COLLABORATION WITH Alteryx, Tableau

Problem Solving with Advanced Analytics New Coming Soon

Project Predict Sales for a Catalog Launch
Learn a scientific approach to solving problems with data, a foundational skill for anyone interested in making data driven decisions in a business context.


Intro to Data Analysis New Coming Soon

Explore a variety of datasets, posing and answering your own questions about each. You'll be using the Python libraries NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

Creating an Analytical Dataset New Coming Soon

Project Select the Location of a New Pet Store
Learn how to prepare data to ensure the efficacy of your analysis while improving fluency in Alteryx.


Technical Interview New Coming Soon

Learn the skills technical interviewers expect you to know—efficiency, common algorithms, manipulating popular data structures, and how to explain a solution.


Intro to Relational Databases New Coming Soon

2 Projects
Relational databases are a powerful tool used throughout the industry. Learn the basics of SQL and how to connect your Python code to a relational database.

This course will introduce students to the field by covering state­-of-­the-art modeling, analysis and visualization techniques.

IN COLLABORATION WITH Georgia Institute of Technology

Intro to Descriptive Statistics New Coming Soon

2 Projects
Intro to Descriptive Statistics will teach you the basic concepts of statistics that can be used to extract information from data.

Data Visualization in Tableau New Coming Soon

Project Build Tableau Dashboards
Learn the fundamentals of data visualization and practice communicating with data.

Classification Models New Coming Soon

Project Predict Loan Default Risk
Learn how to use classification predictive models to solve business problems involving non-numeric data.


Learn the fundamentals of data visualization and apply design and narrative concepts to create your own visualization.

Intro to Inferential Statistics will teach you how to test your hypotheses and begin to make predictions based on statistical results drawn from data!

Data Analysis with R New Coming Soon

Data is everywhere and so much of it is unexplored. Learn how to investigate and summarize data sets using R and eventually create your own analysis.


Data Scientists spend most of their time cleaning data. In this course, you will learn to convert and manipulate messy data to extract what you need.


This course will teach you how to start from scratch in understanding and paying attention to what is important in the data and how to answer questions about data.


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