Prepping for Your Social Media Marketing Interview

A lot can change in a decade. Ask anyone who works in the digital marketing and social media marketing space. Social media started out as a mode of communication that most businesses were wary of using. But today, it’s one of the strongest tactics in any digital marketing strategy – not to mention it’s responsible for making (or breaking) online trust and reputation.

In the last few years, this channel of marketing has grown from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have.” In fact, the field has seen salary increases, especially in the last decade — making this a highly competitive occupation.

The number of social media users have grown from 930 million in 2010 to 2.9 billion in 2019. Given the sheer reach of social media, it’s no wonder that companies entrust social media only to the best professionals they can find. According to the “Marketing Hiring Trends” report by Hubspot, social media marketing is among the top 5 areas of expertise in demand within digital marketing. 

With the growth of social media, the field has become more competitive. Here are some tips to help you stand out during your social media marketing interview.

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Making the most out of a Job Search: What happens after a Nanodegree program

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“How to make the most of your Job Search?” Udacity works to answer this question throughout the course of our Career Services program. We learn about what works by working with our Alumni and with those who have gone on to have job search success. 

The Careers Team organized a virtual event where Alumni were invited to connect directly with current students and share their experiences. They shared tips on how they navigated their job search, and ultimately landed a job after graduating. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to watch the event here: 

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Six Tips That Will Make You A Stronger Job Applicant

Find the right nanodegree program for you.
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Learn from a career mentor how to leverage everything from your network to your resume to your project portfolio to enhance your job search experience, and showcase why you’re the most qualified candidate.

Job Applicant - Career

Hello new Udacity graduates, and congratulations on your achievements! You’ve successfully completed your Nanodegree program, you’ve acquired valuable and in-demand skills, and you’re ready to start applying them in exciting ways. Now, what comes next?

Are you looking for new roles? Have you started to apply? It’s a pretty amazing stage to be in—looking forward to a future full of new challenges and accomplishments—but it’s not without its difficulties. The job search process can often be confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating, and you may find yourself wishing you had someone who could answer your career questions and help you navigate the complexities of today’s hiring landscape.

If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck because career mentors are here for your benefit!

Udacity’s career mentors are highly qualified individuals—they include digital marketers, software engineers, and career coaches—who care deeply about your personal success. I happen to be one of them!

As a career mentor, I’d like to share the answers to some of the most commonly asked career questions I’ve received from Udacity alumni as they pursue their goals.

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How to Barter Your Way to Career Success

In a world where hiring and career advancement aren’t just about salary anymore, you need to know exactly what you’re offering, and exactly what you’re getting. The barter system offers a way to understand how to make the right choice for your career.

Udacity - Career Success

When it comes to modern hiring, we’re not that far off from something resembling the old barter system. Admittedly, by definition, the barter system is not monetary in nature; it’s about the exchange of goods and services for other goods and services. But in a world where things like work-life balance, flexible scheduling, remote work opportunities, equity shares, and unlimited vacation are all part of the hiring bundle, it’s hard to make the claim that moden hiring is a strictly monetary transaction.

Understanding the hiring process through barter system thinking can be instructive for anyone who’s seeking a new role, a promotion, a raise, or a move to another team.

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Zen and the Art of Acing the Job Interview

Zen and the Art of Acing the Job Interview - Udacity

Job interviews are stressful. There is no getting around this. No matter how accomplished you are, how experienced, how qualified, interviews are high-stakes affairs, and a wicked case of nerves is to be expected.

Can meditation help?

It can, provided you still perform the rest of your due diligence. You still need relevant skills and experience. You still need to prepare. You still need to research the company, rehearse your answers, and be ready to prove yourself in challenge or test. And therein lies the real problem with interviews, and the real reason why meditation has something important to offer.

Even when we ARE prepared for a job interview, we often still fumble. Why? The answer: Pressure. Even the best of us crumble under pressure. And that’s where meditation can help. When you meditate, you slow down, and you calm down.

5 Ways Meditation Can Help You Get Hired

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