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“How to make the most of your Job Search?” Udacity works to answer this question throughout the course of our Career Services program. We learn about what works by working with our Alumni and with those who have gone on to have job search success. 

The Careers Team organized a virtual event where Alumni were invited to connect directly with current students and share their experiences. They shared tips on how they navigated their job search, and ultimately landed a job after graduating. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to watch the event here: 

We’ve summarized the tips shared by Udacity Alumni. Check them out, and put them into practice in your own search: 

  • Network! Network! Network! Our alumni agreed that it pays to have a strong network. A cup of coffee with one of your LinkedIn contacts or a casual chat never hurts. Referrals are the most trusted source of hiring. In fact, as one of the grads rightly pointed out, it’s not necessary to have direct contact in the organization you want to work for. If you can find a person from the same industry then also there is every possibility that you might be able to bump into the right contact. Remember, your network also has a network. Never feel shy to ask them for help during your job search!
  • Showcase that you’re a constant learner, it helps! It might sound cliche but it’s true – a lifelong learner is always appreciated and preferred during job interviews. Think it like this – our jobs and workplaces are changing every day which demands constant upskilling and reskilling. Naturally, a person with an inherent drive to learn and seek knowledge has an upper hand. Your Udacity Nanodegree certificate not only shows to your employer that you have been devoting time to self-learning but also comes in handy to prove the seriousness of it. After all, everyone knows that graduating from a Udacity Nanodegree is an achievement in itself.
  • Flaunt your projects: Employers love people who can walk the talk and know the practical applications of theory. Projects are the perfect way to show that. At Udacity, we believe that it’s important to make your hands dirty. It’s important to actually code if you are learning to code. And as rightly pointed out by the alums during the event, Udacity projects have really helped our students to showcase their skills during a job interview.
  • Be confident: We’ve heard it a thousand times, so let’s hear it once more as this is the most important advice for your job interview – BE CONFIDENT! Look in the eye while talking, practice your handshake, prepare for introspective questions like why do you want this job or why should we hire you. These questions look easy but are extremely tough when one begins to answer them.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the tips shared by our super talented Alumni! There is a lot more that goes into a job search so if you need any additional help, or would like to learn more we encourage you to work with a  Career Coach and get started. To learn more about the Career Coaching program, read the blog written by me earlier. “…you’ve already got what it takes to succeed, but it doesn’t hurt to add some extra support.” 

Don’t wait… work with a Career Coach today, and start making the most of your job search now! 

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Rachel Saccuzzo
Rachel Saccuzzo
Rachel is a Career Success Strategist and a member of the Udacity Careers team. She focuses on supporting Udacity students as they transition from their Nanodegree programs into the Job Market, and provides assistance as they build connections with partner companies. Rachel is passionate about helping others achieve success, and fostering growth.