It’s hard to believe we’re nearly two full months into 2024. With some space between the New Year and now, it’s a good time to examine how you’re tracking toward your learning goals for the year. Are you on pace to acquire the latest tech skills that will help get you promoted? Are you a little behind schedule? Have you put off your original plans for other endeavors?

At Udacity, we’ve been hard at work curating, creating, and deploying the industry-vetted curriculum to help students like you get ahead of the curve. No matter if you’re a junior developer looking to pick up new cloud computing skills, or a seasoned manager trying to stay up-to-date with the AI landscape, our latest lineup of course releases can help you stay on track when it comes to your professional aspirations. 

What Are Udacity’s Latest 2024 Course Releases?

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Fluency

  • Who this is for: Software practitioners, IT professionals, and others interested in learning more about SRE. 
  • Course length: ~6 hours
  • What you’ll learn: Master essential Site Reliability Engineering concepts, including Zero Trust Security, Service Level Objectives, capacity management, on-call effectiveness, and incident management. 

Azure API Management

  • Who this is for: Cloud computing practitioners and software developers.
  • Course length: ~4 weeks
  • What you’ll learn: Learn to utilize Azure API Management to create, manage, and secure APIs efficiently, including implementing policies, security measures, and monitoring.

(FREE Course) LLMOps: Building Real-World Applications With Large Language Models

  • Who this is for: Software, data, and machine learning practitioners, or others interested in learning more about LLMOps.
  • Course length: ~11 hours
  • What you’ll learn: We partnered with Comet ML to create this comprehensive course. Explore the operations behind production-grade LLM applications and then build full applications, including a chatbot, evaluation system, and clickbait detector.

Multi-Backend Deep Learning with Keras

  • Who this is for: Software practitioners who are looking to integrate machine learning into their Python projects. 
  • Course length: ~3 hours
  • What you’ll learn: Dive into deep learning fundamentals with Multi-Backend Keras, from understanding neural networks to creating image classifiers for self-driving cars. 

Discovering APIs

  • Who this is for: Tech professionals who are interested in learning more about APIs.
  • Course length: ~2 hours
  • What you’ll learn: Explore the fundamentals of APIs, including what they are, their core components, and functionalities.

AI Governance, Policy, and the Public Good

  • Who this is for: Any tech professional interested in working in and around AI.
  • Course length: ~3 hours
  • What you’ll learn: Jump into the complexity of AI governance, policy making, bias algorithms, and participatory design, and learn how to ensure AI benefits society, respects human values, and promotes fairness. 

Next Generation Data Management: User Models and Suprasystems

  • Who this is for: Aspiring and practicing data science professionals.
  • Course length: ~3 hours
  • What you’ll learn: Discover advanced data management techniques such as effective data modeling, model design, interoperability, and universal data system architecture. 

Why Learn New Skills With Udacity? 

When you choose Udacity, you’ll be learning the world’s most in-demand skills from industry-proven professionals who aren’t only involved in the tech landscape but shaping the future of it. By enrolling, you’ll get unlimited access to our entire catalog of programs and job-ready projects to prepare you for your next promotion cycle, next job search, or next initiative. Ready to make 2024 your best year yet as a tech pro? Then learn more about Udacity today.

Dakota Nunley
Dakota Nunley
Content Strategy Manager at Udacity