Blog Nanodegree Launches Break Into the Digital Project Management Space with the Digital Project Management Nanodegree

Break Into the Digital Project Management Space with the Digital Project Management Nanodegree

Udacity is excited to introduce the newest addition to our School of Business: the Digital Project Management Nanodegree program. As companies go increasingly digital this decade, we recognized how important a project management program specializing in digital projects would be for aspiring project managers.

What is Digital Project Management?

Digital transformation is “the process of adapting your business to new technology.” Experts predict that technologically transformed companies will be responsible for over half of all global BDP by next year, over $50 trillion. None of these changes will be possible without project managers, well versed in digital technologies, initiating and executing project plans.

Digital project managers are the people who create and develop online content, products, and services that help keep businesses competitive. They’re experts at leveraging the right tools and software to coordinate a team of experts to successfully finish projects on time and within budget. Overall, a digital project manager works to accomplish business goals by rallying together people from all different parts of an organization to work under one shared goal. They have a thorough understanding of a project lifecycle and can clearly understand and leverage metrics and other data to help make their projects a success.

Digital Project Management Nanodegree Program Details

The Digital Project Management Nanodegree program will prepare students to identify the right project management methodologies and tools to use to drive digital projects, accurately develop project scopes and resource plans, and analyze project data in order to make informed decisions.

To get the most out of this program, it’s important to be fluent in English and be able to access word processing software (i.e. Microsoft Word or Google Docs), spreadsheet software (i.e. Microsoft Word or Google Docs), and sign up for a free account on Trello.

In as little as 1 month (at 5-10 hours a week), students who enroll in the Digital Project

Management Nanodegree program will take two courses:

  • The first one, Introduction to Digital Project Management, covers definitions of common terms, career paths, and an explanation of the differences between digital project management versus traditional project management. 
  • The second course, Digital Project Management, teaches about the stages of the project management lifecycle in detail, including instructions on assembling project documents and using software tools for the job.

Course Project: From Methodology to Execution

In the main project for the Digital Project Management Nanodegree program, students act as a project manager helping a fictitious small family business undergo a digital transformation. By the end of the project, students will have a set of deliverables corresponding to Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitor & Control, and Closure stages of the project management lifestyle.

Learning From Top Digital Project Managers

To develop this program’s world-class curriculum, we collaborated with professionals from top-rated tech companies, like AWS. These collaborators contributed guidance and feedback to focus the program on the most in-demand skills. In addition, each of the instructors has extensive project management and teaching experience.

Instructor: Walyce Almeida, Program Manager at AWS

Enroll in the Digital Project Management Nanodegree Today

If you’re a current team, program, or product manager of any level who is interested in breaking into the digital project management space, this is the Nanodegree program for you. Even with no prior or professional experience in project management, this course can benefit any student who is eager to learn about digital project management.

According to Glassdoor, Digital Project Managers make an average salary of over $98,000 a year, with the full spread ranging from $74,000 to $139,000. As more companies work on digital transformation, the expected salary and number of companies looking to hire digital project managers will only increase.With Udacity’s combination of hands-on project-centric learning, mentorship, and industry-aligned careers services, there’s no better way to meet the demand than by registering for the Digital Project Management Nanodegree program today. 


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