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Udacity, Refugee Resettlement and Social Enterprise

Refugees often flee violence or persecution and have little to no economic support. They become classified as refugees when they can’t return home safely, or their homeland has been destroyed by war. These groups of people make up 10-15% of the world’s population.

Niya’s Mission

Niya’s mission to transform the livelihood of refugees around the globe showcases how other countries are looking towards the UK to help in this time of crisis. Every 2 minutes, someone is displaced from their home. Forced to flee as a result of persecution, conflict, climate or economic collapse. These are talented and gifted people. 40% have university level qualifications. All have the resilience and courage to overcome the imaginable. The number is expected to increase this year as well.

Niya is a talent marketplace that connects underserved tech talent with job opportunities, training, and other events, facilitating remote and in-person opportunities for our members to build a global network in tech. 

Niya Tech Champions is a Scholarship Program aimed at upskilling 30 refugees around the globe. Niya is sponsoring 20 seats, and Udacity is donating an additional ten seats.

As a social enterprise, Udacity has teamed up with Niya to help refugees. Read on to learn about what Udacity does for refugees and how Udacity is an excellent resource for students who want to know about new technologies and coding.

Such an Important Mission 

“Niya was founded upon the premise that talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn’t. We are on a mission to create a more inclusive tech industry for refugees by building a fair and equitable platform for job market entry.”

Hugh Chichester, Co-Founder & Director

Niya’s inclusion platform closes the digital and diversity divide by placing world-class hidden and untapped talent into digital roles at global organizations. Niya aims to put 1 million refugees into work in the next ten years.

The Niya Tech Champions Scholarship Program will enable underserved refugee talent with tech skills to improve their employability. 

Udacity fully supports Niya’s mission to enable underserved refugee talent with the skills to improve their employment opportunity. Udacity is looking to partner with Niya to help refugees who need professional skills training in IT, machine learning, data science, or web design. To learn more about Niya, visit their website

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