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Zero Trust Security


Companies around the world are facing constant and evolving cyber attacks, so it’s imperative that they find talent with the dynamic skills to address these pressing issues.

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    1 month

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    December 14, 2022

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  • Prerequisites
    Familiarity with basic cybersecurity concepts and practices

What you will learn

  1. Zero Trust Security

    Estimated 1 month to complete

    Learners leave the course with a reinvigorated perspective on cybersecurity and a lexicon of practices and solutions that support what is rapidly becoming the new dominant strategy in enterprise security.

    Prerequisite knowledge

    1. Introduction to Zero Trust

      Analyze the security approach of a recently breached company through the lens of ZT principles. By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to distinguish between the perimeter network security model and the zero trust security model, identify areas that can be improved with ZT principles, identify recent cybersecurity trends that paved the way for ZT security models, and differentiate key stakeholders in implementing a ZTA.

      • Zero Trust Security Concepts

        Identify the philosophical principles behind the zero trust movement. Additionally, this lesson focuses on the foundational requirements for zero trust security, the logical components required to enforce ZT, and the pillars of the zero trust security model.

        • Zero Trust Methods

          In this lesson you’ll learn about practical deployment resources, requirements for Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA), and foundational capabilities that allow for the evaluation and refinement of safeguards. Plus, you’ll categorize identity-, device-, network-, application, and data-centric safeguards that enable zero trust architecture.

          • Organizational Practices

            Assess a security system and the cultural readiness of an environment to adopt zero trust principles. Evaluate challenges to implementing ZTA principles and differentiate deployment strategies. Then map zero trust methods and analyze the inherent weaknesses of ZTA.

            • Course Project: Zero Trust Road Map

              Perform an analysis of a sample company’s corporate profile and cybersecurity capabilities. Evaluate the company’s potential for implementing zero trust best practices and complete a road map toward a Zero Trust Architecture.

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            Learn with the best.

            • Richard Phung

              Asst. Director, Infrastructure Operations and Security

              Richard is an SSCP, CISSP, and CIPP/US with over a decade of enterprise systems administration experience, working with businesses to meet the demands of a continually evolving threat landscape. Richard holds a BA in Psychology from Hendrix College and a Master's of Education from Lesley University.

            Zero Trust Security

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            Zero Trust Security

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