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10 Major Social Media Trends to Watch in 2022

Social media is constantly changing — it’s hard to foresee what will be popular six months from now. That said, some trends have been successful in the past and will likely continue going strong in 2022. To become more connected to the social media trends, Udacity’s Digital Marketing Course is a great start. Read more to learn 10 key social media trends to keep an eye on in the future!

1.Facebook and Instagram Content Creation Platforms

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Social media platforms are changing how people create and share content. In some ways, this is a good thing because it lets anyone create and share their ideas in new ways. Meta is also experimenting with these platforms by creating a content creation platform for publishers. 

2. YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming will be a major social media trend to look out for in 2022. In YouTube’s words, gaming is just another form of entertainment like art or music. The new gaming platform will allow users to create their own video games and share them with others. The number of people who play video games continues to increase and shows no signs of slowing down. According to The Tech Jury, the global video game industry is set to reach $108.7 billion in 2022, up from $40.1 billion in 2017.

3. Automated Social Media Ads

According to Emarketer, It is estimated that by 2022, social media ad spending will reach $65 billion. The most common ads will be automated and targeted to the user. These evergreen ads don’t have to be updated with new information or content like traditional ads. 

Videos are becoming more common in all sorts of forms, from news programming to advertising. As the amount of video being created continues to increase, so will the number of opportunities for brands — and viewers — to interact with videos. In our Digital Freelance Course, there are tools for engaging with social media and how to build a successful business as a digital freelancer. 

4. The Rise of Virtual Reality

With the steady rise of technology, it is hard to predict what will happen in the future. The social media trends that we see today may not be the same in a decade. It is important to learn which trends are still hot today, and which ones have died down and are no longer relevant. 

Virtual reality is one trend that has seen a rise in popularity and will continue to grow throughout  2022. Virtual reality (VR) is a simulation of an environment or even an entire world, that can be experienced through VR headsets. A virtual world is created with computer software and graphics, instead of real-life objects like trees and buildings. In some cases, people can interact with the virtual world as if they were there.

5. The Death of Traditional Advertising

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Traditional advertising methods are becoming obsolete. The internet has enabled companies to reach out to consumers in new ways, including social media. Companies have been able to create their internet presence by creating accounts on social media websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. They can also build relationships with their consumers through these platforms.

Traditional advertising methods such as television commercials are losing their effectiveness as people are not watching television as frequently as before. 

This is because people now can watch shows on-demand from their computers, mobile devices, and other electronic gadgets. Also, traditional advertising methods can be viewed by anyone, regardless of their age. The younger generations no longer view television sets or newspapers like they once did; instead, they go online to find news and views on various issues. Millennials are a generation that has sought out new ways of building their income through social media. 

6. Blockchain Technology in Social Media

Blockchain technology started as a platform for Bitcoin currency transactions. The blockchain is now being used in other platforms such as social media. Blockchain technology can also be used to help combat fake news and cyber fraud. For example, it is possible for users to directly buy and sell shares of their favorite influencer on the blockchain, rather than on Instagram or Twitter. 

Many companies provide a platform for shared ownership of social media. These platforms do not have any real value as they will soon be bought out by giant corporations. The blockchain can be used to create marketplaces that allow users to own and trade their content, rather than giving it away for free. 

Blockchain technology is still in its early stages of adoption, so the social media platform that utilizes blockchain will likely be around for some time. Because there is an increase in social media use, it will have an even more dominant role in our lives. As the use of social media increases, so will the number of cyber-related crimes. It is important to understand the risk associated with increased technology use. 

7. Knowing the Data 

Understanding the data trends for social media is almost as important as understanding the trends themselves. Social media has been growing and changing rapidly, from how we communicate to how we consume information. Understanding these changes and their implications can be a daunting task. 

One way to get a better grasp on what’s happening is to use analytics to track the data’s trends in real-time over time. Advance your programming skills and refine your ability to work with messy, complex datasets. If you want to become more skilled with programming and data, then this Data Analytics Course is for you. Learn how to create data visualizations and prepare complex datasets for analysis.

8. Instagram Video Sharing

In 2022, Instagram video sharing will become the most popular social media trend. Instagram video sharing allows users to upload short videos to their own private account and share them with followers. In many ways, this trend has already taken over. Users regularly post videos of their daily lives or reactions to certain events and activities.

9. Cross-platform Integration

Cross-platform integration provides users with the tools they need to reach and engage  people across multiple platforms. Cross-platform integration can be used for marketing purposes as well as customer service and retention. There are many benefits to this, including a larger audience, increased retention, and higher conversion rates. 

10. The Rise of Chatbots

Social media will continue to grow in the future and chatbots are a part of that. Chatbots allow users to communicate with companies, organizations, and consumers on social media platforms with the goal of providing better customer service. Some bots are programmed to answer questions about products or topics while others are designed to engage in conversation about these subjects.

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