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Make Your Full Stack Developer Resume Best in the Stack

There’s never been a better time to become a full stack web developer, especially with remote hiring at an all-time high, and top companies around the world looking for talent. 

Job growth is strong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that demand for full stack developers is projected to  increase 22% by 2029, which is significantly faster than other jobs.

But with 55% of working technologists considering themselves full stack developers, according to the 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, competition is strong as well.

If you’re eyeing a full stack developer job, the first step in this journey is to get your full stack developer resume noticed by recruiters. 

Here’s how you can make your full stack developer resume rise to the top of the stack.

Make Your Full Stack Developer Skills Stand Out

Full stack developers are coders who work on all parts of the tech stack — from front end to back end. Hence, they need skills that can help them to be the jack of all trades. 

According to Indeed.com, the following skills on a full stack developer resume can make it easier to land a dream job:

If your research and the job description shows that you are not proficient in one or more of the above skills then consider taking some online certification courses

Let Your Projects Shine on Your Full Stack Developer Resume

Full stack developer job requirements are different from other professions because you need to be skilled in multiple programming languages.  Showcase some hands-on experience in these programming languages by highlighting your work in the relevant tech stacks. 

You can also feature some additional projects you’ve done by including links to your GitHub or Stackoverflow profiles. 

If you’re a Udacity Full Stack Developer Nanodegree graduate, then including details of the projects you completed could be helpful. 

Land Your Dream Full Stack Developer Job

If full stack development excites you and you want to pursue a career in this field then start working on your resume. Remember, it’s not just about making the resume but also about making your full stack developer credentials stand out from the rest.

With the relevant skills, experience and projects, no one can stop you from getting noticed. Check out Udacity’s Full Stack Developer Nanodegree Program and our School of Programming to get skilled for the job. 

Ritika Pradhan
Ritika Pradhan
Ritika is the Content Manager at Udacity and is passionate about bringing inspirational student stories to light. When not talking to the amazing Udacity students, she can be found reading an article or watching a video on the internet.