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Make Your iOS Developer Resume Impossible to Overlook

Working as an iOS Developer is an incredibly rewarding career. Not only do you build applications that’ll be used by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis, but the work is fast-paced and interesting. Plus, according to Glassdoor, iOS Developers make an average salary of $97,000 annually.

If you’d like to spend your day building apps for iPhones, you’re in luck! Once you’ve learned all the skills you need and built some killer sample apps to show off what you know, all you have left to do is land that dream job

Unfortunately, studies have shown that recruiters spend only 11 seconds looking at resumes. That means that your resume has to be so incredible that it just cannot be passed up. Keep reading to learn how to make your resume the best in the stack.

Include Relevant Skills for an iOS Developer

For any developer job there’s a specific list of technical skills that recruiters will be scanning for on a resume, and iOS Developer jobs are no exception. If you’re looking to get a job as an iOS Developer, be sure to include the following skills on your resume:

If you can make the room on your resume, it’s great to have a small description indicating how many years of experience you have with each skill. Additionally, you can describe how you’ve used each of the skills in a project.

When in doubt, go look at job postings for iOS Developers. They will have lists of skills employers are looking for.

Link to Relevant iOS Development Projects

If you’ve built an app, or been part of a team that built an app, don’t be afraid to link to it from your resume. Doing this will provide concrete proof to the recruiters of your skills. It will also give interviewers the chance to vet your work before talking to you.

If you don’t have any apps built from a previous job, don’t worry! It’s totally fine to include projects you completed at school or during an online class. If you don’t have any examples of work from your education, take a little time to build out an app for fun, or see if you can find a group of friends to build one together over a weekend.

Brag About Your App’s Achievements with Metrics

When recruiters look at your resume, they’re trying to find someone to hire to solve a business problem. Whether that business problem is replacing an engineer that left or finding someone with specific skills, it’s important to demonstrate your value in a way that will speak to the problem the recruiter is trying to solve. The best way to do this is to describe projects you worked on in terms of their outcomes.

For example, instead of just saying you designed an app for your company’s users to make purchases from their phone, bring some numbers into it. You designed an app to create a better customer experience and increased sales by 45%!

Your Career as an iOS Developer

Mobile apps are a huge part of the way that people use the internet, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. If you want to develop apps as a career, there’s never been a better time to get started.

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