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Javascript Hub: Strategies to Create Dynamic Web Pages

Javascript is a vital part of dynamic content on the modern web. From simple scripts to complex interactions that require frameworks, Javascript enhances user experiences on the web.

There are two major types of Javascript, and this Udacity Javascript hub covers both. The first type is “vanilla” Javascript, scripts you can write using the basic rules in the Javascript standard. The second type is framework-driven Javascript that creates complex content building upon others’ frameworks, like Angular and React or libraries like FusionCharts.

This Javascript hub contains easy-to-follow guides on a wide range of Javascript topics. Most articles provide sample code to demonstrate how Javascript works in the real world.

This hub is meant to be a comprehensive resource, so we will add new content as it’s published. Check back here for more Javascript content.

Javascript Examples Quick Reference

Get an overview of Udacity’s available Javascript code examples at Javascript Examples: An Overview of Udacity’s Javascript Code.

Javascript Articles Index

Explore basic “vanilla” Javascript with these topics:

Explore framework- and library-driven Javascript with these topics:

Learn more about being a Javascript developer with these topics:

The Power of Javascript

Basic Javascript skills serve web developers of all experience levels, and they’re the basis for many of the most in-demand web development techniques today. Learning the basics of how Javascript works will prepare you for working with frameworks like JQuery and Node.js. Whether creating client-side or server-side code, Javascript skills give you the potential to develop in many different web stacks.

Many in-demand jobs require you to have experience with a specific Javascript framework, but learning basic Javascript gives you the tools to understand any framework you need. Once you learn basic Javascript and your first framework, you can apply their concepts to any other Javascript framework and learn it fast. Remember, all of Javascript has the same roots in the Javascript standard, so you can always remember your basics if you get stuck.

Go Even Further with Your Programming Potential

This hub is a great place to get started with Javascript or to learn about advanced topics you haven’t encountered yet. You can learn about even more through this hub, though, because many Javascript articles link to related topics, like Java programming.

Enroll in the Intro to Programming Nanodegree Program to improve your skills and make yourself indispensable as a Javascript developer. Through Udacity’s talented instructors, the core concepts of Javascript can propel you to great heights.

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