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How Good is your Social Media Marketing Salary?

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Simply put, no business today, whether a local hobby store or a multinational tech giant, can survive without a well-structured, long-term digital marketing strategy. A majority of said strategy revolves around social media marketing. Because like it or not, every business needs a social media presence to survive and grow in the modern-day economy. So, it’s a no-brainer that social media marketing jobs are among the hottest opportunities in the market right now.

But what you really need to know is that with everyone and their mums being on social media, you’re already inherently primed to take up a job in the field. And from coordinators who drive brand awareness and handle the occasional customer meltdown to aggressive managers who drive customer acquisition and retention goals, there’s a role for everyone. What’s more, the 2020 Tech, Digital Marketing & Creative Salary Guide by Mondo, an Addison Group staffing agency focused on niche IT and digital marketing talent, reveals that chief marketing officers will be among the highest paid professionals this year.

How Good is your Social Media Marketing Salary?

Do you really need any more reason to get going?

“Show me the money!”

Hey. It isn’t just Cuba Gooding Jr. who thinks like that. Who doesn’t? Here’s a lowdown of how the money rolls in social media marketing right now.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Role: Develop and manage the execution of social media marketing plans, set goals for teams (content, SEO, customer success, etc.), come up with innovative campaigns to drive sales

Average Annual Social Media Marketing Manager Salary: $65,539

Social Media Strategist

Role: Plan brand strategy for effective marketing, advertising, and lead conversion, perform strategy audits, further improve strategy on a continued basis

Average Annual Social Media Strategist Salary: $50,473

Community Manager

Role: Develop, maintain, engage, nurture, and grow online communities of followers, monitor and moderate brand conversations on social media, monitor social media trends

Average Annual Community Manager Salary: $46,333


Role: Generate catchy brand-related words, mnemonics, slogans, and audio scripts for social ads, create attractive social copy to drive social media campaigns, brainstorm copy and visual ideas for maximized audience targeting

Average Annual Copywriter Salary: $58,465

Engagement Manager

Role: Help solve customer challenges, support customers use products/ services effectively, proactively identify new and unmet customer challenges (and communicate them back to the product/ tech team), ensure smooth contract executions

Average Annual Engagement Manager Salary: $56,372

Social Media Specialist

Role: Support implementation of social media strategy and campaigns, aid strategy creation and audits, write social copy (including replies to comments and messages), stay tuned with social media trends

Average Annual Social Media Specialist Salary: $48,299

Social Media Analyst

Role: Report and analyze user traffic, engagement, and conversion metrics across social media platforms, support enhancement of various social media strategies based on keyword priorities and actual data and patterns, stay updated on latest digital marketing technologies

Average Annual Social Media Analyst Salary: $48,108

Brand Ambassador

Role: Represent brand online via personal social media account, share brand content, increase brand awareness and sales via word of mouth marketing, foster communities

Average Annual Brand Ambassador Salary: $32,151

Director, Online Communications

Role: Develop online communication strategy, recruit and monitor diverse communications team, plan and execute crisis management, stay on top of industry trends as well as brand risks and threats

Average Annual Director of Online Communications Salary: $74,245

Director, Social Media Strategy

Role: Promote brand image, products/ services, perception, and loyalty via social media, determine brand message, positioning, and cause(s), monitor and stay ahead of competition and trends

Average Annual Director of Social Media Strategy Salary: $140,000

The opportunities are endless.

And you know what? You don’t need to wait till you know every daunting social buzzword or have amassed what you think is a perfect number of followers to get started. All you need is a slight nudge in the right direction – something like our Digital Marketing Nanodegree program. It’s time to rake in those dollars.

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