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Are Digital Marketing Salary Figures as Hot as the Jobs Themselves Are?

Digital marketing is all the rage right now. Happily for you, so is the digital marketing salary. It’s a great time to be a digital marketer – whether as an entry level associate, or as a manager. A preliminary look at the 2020 Tech, Digital Marketing & Creative Salary Guide by Mondo, an Addison Group staffing agency specialized in high-end, niche IT, tech, and digital marketing talent, indicates that chief marketing officers will be among the top paid professionals this year.

The guide, which is scheduled to be released on April 7, 2020, estimates that 13 digital marketing roles will generate salaries upward of $175,000 this year. While obviously the highest digital marketing salary figures are in the C-suite category (with over 61% listed at director levels or above), the report indicates that there are several roles within marketing automation, demand generation, and e-commerce that command high packages.

How sweet are the real deals?

Now, let’s get down to the specifics. When it comes to choosing a career, while trends help decide whether or not you’re in the right space, it’s the specifics that tell you which direction you want to head in. So here’s a breakdown of the latest digital marketing salary figures, by role.

Digital Marketing Manager

Role: Develop, coordinate, and manage the execution of digital marketing plans, come up with strategies and campaigns to promote products/ services online

Average Digital Marketing Manager Salary: $65,847

Digital Marketing Specialist

Role: Execute campaigns in SEO, social media, paid search, display media, or any other area of specialization

Average Digital Marketing Specialist Salary: $49,632

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Role: Support all digital marketing department initiatives, including campaign logistics, product launches and events, and strategic partnerships; assist and coordinate cross-functional team efforts

Average Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary: $44,107

Digital Marketing Analyst

Role: Analyze digital marketing data and come up with ways to improve results (numbers) across initiatives, such as social media, content, and SEO

Average Digital Marketing Analyst Salary: $51,431

Digital Marketing Strategist

Role: Identify unmet requirements, goals, and opportunities to maximize digital marketing potential, reach, and growth; create and aid execution of plans aligned to these objectives; help cross-functional teams brainstorm and evolve along the journey of brand growth

Average Digital Marketing Strategist Salary: $53,549

Freelance Digital Marketing Professional

Role: Varies depending on experience and area of specialization

Average Freelance Digital Marketing Salary (Manager): $68,714

Digital Marketing Associate

Role: Help execute, develop, support, and collaborate on online marketing strategies

Average Digital Marketing Associate Salary: $45,872

Digital Marketing Director

Role: Strategize, plan, and manage overall digital marketing strategy

Average Digital Marketing Director Salary: $96,609

 Digital Marketing Assistant

Role: Perform administrative tasks such as carrying out market research and updating required databases for digital marketing initiatives

Average Digital Marketing Assistant Salary: $35,839

The math is great.

If the chemistry is terrific, you’re already off to a brilliant start. Given how this is a field born of the digital transformation that’s sweeping across every known industry (and isn’t going to die down anytime in the near future), the sky’s literally the limit. If you’re still reading this, you’re serious about a career in digital marketing. Whether you’re about to get started or are already a seasoned expert, consulting or working as a regular employee, the best thing about a career in digital marketing is the unlimited potential for growth. As long as you keep upskilling yourself, there’s nothing that can hold you back. We have the perfect crash course to get you started:–nd018. See you there.

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