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Udacity signs the White House Pledge to America’s Workers, funding 100,000 tech and analytics scholarships for workers in the United States.

Today, Udacity is announcing our Pledge to America’s Workers. Over the next five years, we will fund 100,000 Udacity tech and analytics scholarships for workers in the United States, collaborating with local leaders and private sector businesses to support workforce development and build local learning communities. Udacity’s scholarships will equip America’s workers with the skills they need to succeed in high-paying, future-proof careers in fields such as front-end web development, mobile app development, and data analytics. 

Returning to my hometown in West Virginia, I see first-hand the hardship caused when entire industries disappear and automation displaces workers. Many repetitive, well-paying manufacturing and coal jobs that used to employ entire communities are now automated or off-shored, leaving smart, hard-working people with very few options to make a living wage. 

But with the right skills-based learning programs, career advancement can become accessible to absolutely everyone. I’m confident that Udacity’s tech and analytics scholarships will provide every recipient with the chance to learn new skills, launch or advance their career, and unlock their potential in careers that will remain in demand as technology continues to evolve.

As an increasing number of workers are losing their jobs, employers across the nation are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill an increasing number of high-paying, high-skill positions. By investing in education and on-the-job training, the needs of both workers and employers can be met. 

This is where Udacity can help. 

Today, Udacity is proud to join more than 350 companies and organizations, including Google, Apple, and IBM in signing the White House’s Pledge to America’s Workers, and committing 100,000 Udacity scholarships that will equip America’s workers with the skills they need to succeed in the digital economy.

There are no prerequisites to partake in Udacity’s tech and analytics scholarship program, aside from basic computer skills. This initiative is reserved for low-income individuals looking to learn the in-demand skills needed to land higher-paying jobs and advance their careers.

If you’re interested and eligible to apply, please visit our website and sign up today. 

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Gabe Dalporto
Gabe Dalporto
Gabe Dalporto is Chief Executive Officer at Udacity. Prior to joining Udacity he worked at LendingTree, where he held several leadership roles, including Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Gabe joined the LendingTree Board in 2017 and continues to be an active board member there, and he is also a board member of Guitar Center. Gabe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Florida and a Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from MIT.