Mohamed Robotics Engineer Nanodegree program student

Blog Learning and Motivation Life as a Udacity Student: Mohamed Barakat’s Experience

Life as a Udacity Student: Mohamed Barakat’s Experience

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This week we launched new support features for our Nanodegree programs designed to help our students master the skills they’re learning. Before sharing these new features with the public, we invited current Udacity students to experience our new and improved learning programs. One of those students is Mohamed Barakat, a biomedical engineer, living in Munich, Germany and currently working as a software engineer in the healthcare sector. He is enrolled in the Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree program. We had a chance to chat with him about his current Udacity experience and how this program is impacting his skillset.

Mohamed Robotic Engineer Nanodegree program student

As a software engineer, what motivated you to enroll in the Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree program?

Currently, I am working as a Software Engineer on a robotics team at BrainLab. I am working on the project of creating a universal platform for robotic tasks, serving a range of neurosurgical indications. At this stage of the project, we’re not implementing any robotic elements, but it’s imminent. I wanted to be ready when that portion of the project arrives so that I’m well-versed in the latest technologies, tools, and concepts of robotics.

Can you envision how your Nanodegree program experience might assist you as your current project progresses?

Absolutely. While I’m not using my new skills on a daily basis, in my work, I am gaining confidence. With every lesson and every project submission, I am gaining skills that generate ideas about my work. I am able to see new scenarios when we encounter a challenge and foresee how we might implement robotic technology months from now.

We are pairing students with personal mentors. Do you interact with your mentor?     

Yes! My mentor has helped me through numerous problems. He has been extremely responsive and supportive. When I have struggled to get past a certain lesson or experiencing trouble with a project, he offers hints and tips to help me find the solution. He’s great!

How do you see this program impacting your career?

Up until this point, I had never studied robotics, but I am really enjoying the technology. I think this course is proving to be a huge step forward in learning about this field. For me, the most important aspect of this course and its impact on my skillset is the availability to practice my new skills through projects. The tutorials and videos are great, but to truly understand these new concepts, I need to practice using them.

I think after completing the Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree program, I will be prepared to further support my team and our current project.

Congratulations on starting this new learning journey, Mohamed! We are excited to how your Udacity experience impacts your skill set and future projects.

If you would like to learn more about gaining in-demand skills with Udacity Nanodegree programs, check out our path finder.

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