Udacity Launches Free Career Courses

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Udacity Launches Free Career Courses

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Developed from a successful pilot with Google, these new courses help you go from learning to landing the job.

Udacity Launches Free Career Courses

Ever since we first launched Nanodegree programs back in 2014, my team has been helping students to achieve their career goals—to land rewarding jobs, secure valuable promotions, execute meaningful career changes, and earn higher salaries.

Connecting learning to jobs has been central to our mission from the start, and nearly 75% of our Nanodegree program students report coming to Udacity expressly to advance their careers. That is why we’re very excited to launch our new, free Udacity Career courses today, at a time of year when, all over the world, university students are graduating.

This next generation of talent will enter the job market possessing a diverse range of skills, but facing a lot of competition, and a rapidly-shifting hiring landscape. They’re going to need every resource they can get to make sure they’re able to compete successfully for available roles. They are not alone in benefitting from this kind of support. Mid-career professionals pursuing career change, older workers returning to the workforce, and anyone looking ahead to a job search, will find these courses valuable as well.

Career Content, Built With Industry Partners

Our collaborations with industry play an important role in the development of our Udacity Careers content. From hiring managers and recruiters, we learn exactly what skills, traits, and experience companies are looking for in their candidates, and what roles they’re eager to fill. In collaboration with leading industry experts, we build innovative programs that ensure our students are consistently mastering the most valuable and in-demand skills.

Grow with Google’s commitment to helping 1 million Europeans find a job or grow their business by 2020 has been a perfect match to our own efforts at equipping people with new digital skills. Our long-running partnership with Google has included everything from program development to global scholarship initiatives. To support students who received Udacity scholarships through the Grow with Google initiative, my Careers team built a new course focused on networking. This new offering—entitled “Networking for Career Success”—was created as a resource to help scholarship recipients successfully make the leap from classroom to career.

The “Networking for Career Success” course, made available in March 2018 to 60,000 Grow with Google scholars in Europe and the U.S., has been met with extremely positive feedback from students, and proven useful in helping them get jobs.  

Success stories like that of Grow with Google scholarship recipient Anne-Christine—recently featured on the Google Europe blog—offer moving testament to the transformative power of learning, and the possibility of career success at any age, and in any circumstance.

Our initial pilot with Google has now been expanded to include 11 more such courses—offering a comprehensive range of valuable career guidance and training. They cover everything from networking and personal branding to technical interview preparation and cover letter optimization. Today, we’re making all 12 of these new Udacity Career courses available for free to learners across the globe!

New Resources for Job Seekers: Soft Skills, Career Skills

From our industry partners we’ve heard time and again that mastering career-centric “soft” skills is a critical part of becoming fully job-ready, and it is these strategies and techniques that often differentiate one job candidate from another when it comes to determining who ultimately gets hired. From learning how to craft a cover letter that effectively and authentically showcases your value to a prospective employer, to understanding how to optimize a GitHub profile that allows your work to speak for itself, you can use these courses to help make certain you land the right opportunity to put your skills to work.

Nanodegree program students have long relied on the expertise of our Careers team for years to achieve their career goals. Today, students from every corner of the world can enroll in these courses for free, and use what they learn to find the right job for them.

Explore all 12 new Udacity Career courses here, or go right to the course you’re most interested in below:

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