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GitHub is the preferred platform for showcasing your programming projects. Some technical recruiters and hiring managers even use GitHub to find candidates. In this course, you'll learn GitHub best practices from technical experts. You'll compare different styles for committing changes, forking repos, and merging pull requests. You'll also understand how to organize your code to showcase your technical projects. And you'll learn how to collaborate with other engineers on GitHub. Technical hiring managers will share GitHub profile tips that generate more job opportunities. Gain the confidence you need to establish your presence in the open source community.
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Mat Leonard

Mat Leonard

Product Lead, Artificial Intelligence

What You Will Learn

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Proficient in spoken and written English
  • Understanding of GitHub
  • A public GitHub repository with projects
  • Git and GitHub(for equivalent skills)

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Why Take This Course

Your GitHub profile is the place where you showcase your coding skills. In this course, senior engineers and technical hiring managers share GitHub best practices. Learn how consistent commit styles and READMEs increase your chances of getting hired. Discover practices that show other engineers you know how to collaborate effectively. Learn how senior engineers assess your skills by looking at your GitHub repos. Show them you have the technical chops they're looking for.

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