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Udacity is App of the Day!

Udacity - App of the Day - January 25

Has there ever been a better day to learn on the go? Definitely not! Today is the day your learning goes mobile, because today, Udacity is App of the Day!We’re thrilled to be featured in this fashion, and it’s a great time for you to explore all the ways you can learn with Udacity via your mobile device. There are even new features to check out, including:

  • iPhone X Design Update: Our app is fully compliant with all new iPhone X design guidelines.
  • Digital Marketing Insider: Students and alumni of the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program now have access on iOS to exclusive articles, campaign reviews, and industry trends to help stay on top of the fast-evolving digital marketing field!
  • Notifications Inbox: A dedicated place in the mobile app to help students stay on top of notifications from mentors, Insider, and other noteworthy items.
  • Video Subtitles: Expanded support for viewing and downloading videos that contain subtitles.

and so much more!

Learning on the Go

When we look at data related to how you, our students, learn on the go with Udacity—when you use our app, and how you use it when you do—we’re thrilled to see that you’re digesting a LOT of content per session. So we’re always focused on delivering a seamless and easy-to-navigate experience, even as we’re layering in more content, more features, and more opportunities for you to integrate a world-class learning experience into your already busy life.

When your talent and drive to learn connects with Udacity and our mobile learning experience, there is literally no limit to what you can achieve.

App of the Day

James Hurley
James Hurley
James is Senior Product Manager for Mobile at Udacity. He has led mobile teams for over 7 years and spends his free time chasing around his 4 year-old daughter Violet.