Ayaka Nonaka, iOS Developer Interview

Blog School of Programming 10 Videos That Could Change Your Life (if you want to be an iOS Developer, that is!)

10 Videos That Could Change Your Life (if you want to be an iOS Developer, that is!)

Ayaka Nonaka, iOS Developer Interview

The Udacity iOS Team dove into AltConf 2016 headfirst, and out of their immersion came 10 fantastic video interviews that are absolutely chock full of insight, inspiration, knowledge, and know-how. Each one should really be considered required viewing for anyone interested in a career as an iOS Developer. Whether you’re a complete novice, or already working in the field, there is something beneficial here for everyone interested in iOS.

The interview subjects comprise a true Who’s Who of iOS talent, and taken together the conversations cover a vast amount of topical territory. If you’ve been following along over on our Medium Publication, you may have already enjoyed some of these interviews, but if not, we’ve collected links to all the posts here for your reference. Just click the post title, and enjoy!

AltConf 2016: Udacity Fireside Chats — #1 Ayaka Nonaka

Our first AltConf 2016 Fireside Chat features Ayaka Nonaka. Ayaka is an iOS Engineer at Workflow, and was previously an iOS Engineer at Venmo. She has given talks all over the world from Barcelona to Tokyo on all things iOS.

Welcome to the Other Side: From Managing Bits to Managing Humans, with Jonah Neugass from CreditKarma

For our second AltConf 2016 Fireside Chat we have as our guest Jonah Neugass, a senior iOS developer working at CreditKarma. We were especially excited to catch up with Jonah because he’s just transitioned from a lead developer role to managing an entire iOS team, and we knew he’d have some great insights to offer!

AltConf 2016: Udacity Fireside Chats — #3 Virginia Roberts

Our third AltConf 2016 Fireside Chat features Virginia Roberts. Virginia is a Program Manager at Microsoft and former online dating coach, as well as an emcee and fundraiser for App Camp for Girls.

AltConf 2016: Udacity Fireside Chats — #4 Zev Eisenberg

For our fourth Fireside Chat from AltConf 2016, I got to sit down with Zev Eisenberg. Zev is an iOS Engineer at Raizlabs. He is also an accomplished knitter, juggler, and general maker of things!

AltConf 2016: Udacity Fireside Chats — #5 Mike Lee

Welcome to the third in our series of AltConf 2016 Fireside Chats! For today’s talk, we get to spend time with Mike Lee. Mike is a well-traveled and well-seasoned iOS engineer currently living in Amsterdam, where he is focused on building tech communities. Before landing in the Netherlands, Mike helped develop apps like Tap Tap Go and the iPhone app for Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Needless to say, we were thrilled for the opportunity to sit down with him!

AltConf 2016: Udacity Fireside Chats — #6 Jaim Zuber

Jaim Zuber is an iOS Developer and consultant at Sharp Five Software in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also is a panelist on iPhreaks, a weekly podcast about all things iOS programming.

On Running Your Own iOS Consulting Business, with Kendall Gelner

Welcome to #7 in our AltConf 2016 Fireside Chat series! Today we talk with Kendall Gelner, a long time iOS developer who actually started before the App Store even launched! Needless to say, we were super excited to hear his insights on the field, given his unique experience and perspective.

AltConf 2016: Udacity Fireside Chats — #8 Elvis Nuñez

Elvis Nuñez is an iOS Developer at Bakken & Bæck in Oslo, Norway. He is also the organizer of CocoaHeads Oslo and Dribbbleriet, a meetup focused on design, interaction, and illustration.

AltConf 2016: Udacity Fireside Chats — #9 Greg Raiz

It’s #9 time! For this, our second-to-last AltConf 2016 Fireside Chat, we get to sit down with Greg Raiz! Greg is CEO (and software developer) at Raizlabs, an app development firm with offices in Boston and San Francisco. He is also an original founder of AltConf, and the organizer of Drinks on Tap, a social meetup for the mobile development community in Boston. We were thrilled he took the time to chat with us!

Server-side Swift with Paulo Faria from Zewo

Paulo Faria is an iOS developer from Brazil and the creator of Zewo, one of the most promising frameworks for server-side Swift. Server-side programming in Swift is rapidly expanding and will soon be a must-have skill for all iOS developers.

There are a great many reasons why an iOS education with Udacity is something special. Hopefully this collection of interviews helps to make clear the passion our iOS team feels for this technology, for this community, and for all the learners and doers out there committed to advancing what’s possible in this incredible field.


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