When you’ve enjoyed a year like we have—front-and-center for so many incredible student successes—it’s almost impossible to explain the feelings of achievement, let alone quantify the accomplishments. But we’ve done our very best to try and capture some of the remarkable highlights, and we’re excited to share our new infographic with you!

When we were beginning the process of assembling the numbers contained in this infographic, we knew a few things ahead of time, of course. But that didn’t make some of the realizations any less dramatic or moving. That we are now reaching students in 168 countries was certainly a known thing, yet … wow! 168 countries! This is so humbling and exciting both, and we’ve only just begun.

On the other hand, when we ascertained that the total size of code submitted by Udacity students to date was 8.8 GB, we were … amazed! I mean, amazed! So much fantastic work being done.

It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we’re so proud and thrilled to be traveling these paths with such a brilliant community of students. Please enjoy the infographic, and please accept our gratitude for a truly unbelievable 2015!

Udacity by the Numbers

See all the amazing things Udacity students have accomplished so far!


Chris Morell
Chris Morell
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