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Udacity For Android: Learning to Fit Your Life

Udacity for Android is now available on Google Play! Since launching a mobile Udacity experience for iPhone and iPad two months ago, we’ve been hard at work on an Android app.

All Udacity courses are now available on Android for the first time, in a classroom specifically built and optimized for touch. Now, you can stream lectures wherever your Android device goes, and test yourself with quick and fun quizzes and you learn on the go.

In bringing you an Android app, we decided to re-think the design and classroom to take advantage of all the benefits that Android has to offer. Today, the Udacity Android experience is flexible, fast, and still evolving.

Flexible Classroom

Android variations in screen size is actually one of the big advantages that Android holds over Apple devices, one that gives Udacity students flexibility to access a larger classroom.

If a user wants a giant phone, they have a large selection to choose from. The Udacity Android classroom takes advantage of the entire real estate of the device, and our lectures and quizzes feel immersive and full-screen.

Fast Loading Time

Mobile users (and lifelong learners!) demand efficiency. They want the fastest possible route to what they are looking for. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our interface is responsive and that classroom content caches intelligently so that it’s readily available when you’re learning on the go.

More To Come: Offline Mode

Offline mode, a super popular feature on iOS, allows you to download videos so that you can learn wherever you go. We are hard at work on bringing it to Android too. Stay tuned for future updates!

Download the app by heading here, and get started today with taking a Udacity course at your own pace. We’ve just released four new courses with Google experts on Android and Scalability so you can learn what goes into a great Android app, and how to make your own Android app.

We’d love to hear what you think of the Udacity for Android app! Please send us your feedback, and help spread the word to your fellow Android friends.

Oliver Cameron, Director of Mobile Udacity

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