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To close out the week, we’d like to do a spotlight on a fellow Udacian.  We want to congratulate Tamir Duberstein who recently landed a job at Square. Tamir completed a total of 6 courses on Udacity as he sought to transition into software engineering .  He received the highest distinction in Intro to Statistics, Intro to Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence for Robotics, and Design of Computer Programs.  He also completed two other courses Applied Cryptography, and Web Development.

As a result of his hard work we were able to connect him with two employers in the course of a year.  Tamir was mentioned in an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education. To learn more,  here’s the full story.

And coincidentally, McKinsey & Co. just released a report on global youth education and employment.  A long read, but our long-term mission of advancing the education and careers of students by broadening access to higher education continues…