Introduction to Computer Science

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Course Resources

Complete Python Reference [PDF]
Diagram of Search Engine Code

Other Resources (links to supplemental material for lessons, tutorials and other student-created materials)

Course Syllabus

Unit 1 Course Notes
The difference between Variables and Strings
Unit 1 Homework
Unit 1 Homework - Challenge
Unit 1 Python Reference

Unit 2 Course Notes
Unit 2 Homework
Unit 2 Homework - Challenge
Unit 2 Extra Practice
Unit 2 Python Reference

Unit 2.5: How to solve problems (problem solving strategies)

Unit 2.5 Course Notes

Unit 3: How to manage data (crawling the web)

Unit 3 Course Notes
Unit 3 Homework
Unit 3 Homework - Challenge
Unit 3 Extra Practice
Unit 3 Python Reference

Unit 4: How to structure data (responding to search queries)

Unit 4 Course Notes
Unit 4 Homework
Unit 4 Homework - Challenge
Unit 4 Extra Practice
Unit 4 Python Reference

Unit 5: How programs run (reasoning about cost; hash tables, dictionary)

Unit 5 Course Notes
Unit 5 Homework
Unit 5 Homework - Challenge
Unit 5 Extra Practice
Unit 5 Python Reference

Unit 6: How to have infinite power (recursive definitions; ranking search results)

Unit 6 Course Notes
Unit 6 Homework
Unit 6 Homework - Challenge

Unit 7: Where to Go From Here ??

Unit 7 Course Notes


A lot of people have been responsible for making this course possible. Special thanks to:

Instructor: David Evans (University of Virginia)
Original Assistant Instructor: Peter Chapman (University of Virginia, CMU)
Subsequent Assistant Instructors: Sarah Norell, Gundega Dekena

Producer: Kathleen Mullaney
Lead Video Editor: Katy Reichelt