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Designing RESTful APIs

Free Course

Build and Secure a Backend API Server

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About this course

API (Application Programming Interface) endpoints are the connections between your application and the rest of the developer community. In this course you will learn about writing secure, developer-friendly APIs that will make your back-end application thrive and keep your users happy.

At the end of this course you will create the back-end for a social application called "Meet n' Eat" that matches together users based on their location and food interests.

What you will learn

  1. What's and Why's of APIs
    • Learn about the basics of APIs and why they are important.
    • How to choose the appropriate technologies for implementing a modern web API.
  2. Accessing Published APIs
    • Explore published APIs from Foursquare and Google Maps.
    • See how these companies implement their API endpoints.
    • Now leverage some of this information for our own use!
  3. Creating your own API Endpoints
    • Use Flask to build your own web server.
    • Setup API endpoints that follow the constraints to qualify as a RESTful API.
  4. Securing your API
    • Learn about API security.
    • How to add OAuth login and token-based authentication.
    • Learn to Rate limit your API endpoints.
  5. Writing Developer-Friendly APIs
    • Learn some API best practices using real-world examples.
    • Take on the final project!

Why take this course?

A crucial skill for a back-end or full-stack web developer is the ability to make applications that are easily accessible and understood for other developers . Mobile developers, front-end developers and other back-end and full-stack developers all rely on API endpoints to enhance the functionality of their applications.

Learn with the best.

  • Lorenzo Brown
    Lorenzo Brown